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Celebrating 30 years of Erasmus

The cakes looked and tasted great, but it was the message on the icing that mattered most – celebrating the 30th anniversary celebration of Erasmus at UEA.

A senseless and cruel act

Any act of terrorism is abhorrent and, sadly, we have seen far too many around the world recently. Last night’s attack in Manchester came on the fourth anniversary of the murder of Lee Rigby and...

As the Brexit starting gun is fired, UEA will continue creating opportunities

Today is the day that the UK Government will trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and begin the process of negotiating Britain’s exit from the European Union. The triggering of Article 50 is...

Travel restrictions to the USA

Many of you will have been alarmed by this weekend’s news of the travel restrictions to the USA ordered by President Donald Trump.

The role of universities in a 'post-truth' world

Swami Vivekananda, Satyajit Ray, Amartya Sen, Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose FRS. Illustrious figures in interfaith relationships, cinema, economics and science and all alumni of Presidency University,...

International outlook for founding of new network

UEA was founded with an international outlook. It’s in our DNA, it’s at the heart of our interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to research. We have always welcomed students and staff from...

Universities need to face sexual harassment and violence issue

It is vital that universities confront the daily experience of sexual harassment and violence that far too many students, especially women, face.

Vice-Chancellor’s blog 27 June 2016

On 1 March 2016 I wrote in my blog that “we can all expect the next four months to be full of sound and fury…. around the respective campaigns for the Remain or Leave camps in the EU referendum.”

Vice-Chancellor’s blog 14 June 2016

Part of my job as Vice-Chancellor involves championing UEA and raising our profile both domestically and internationally.

Vice-Chancellor’s blog 15 March 2016

Achieving Gender Equality - From Athena Swan to #everydaysexism

Vice-Chancellor’s blog 16 May 2016

As democratic decisions go, it really doesn’t get much bigger than this. It’s more than 40 years since the people of the UK were last asked to vote on the question of remaining in Europe or leaving.

Vice-Chancellor’s blog 12 April 2016

No time to stand still – UEA2030 Vision and 2016-20 Plan

Vice-Chancellor’s Blog 1 March 2016

We can all expect the next four months to be full of sound and fury as the media and politicians generate sound bites, column inches and a sea of blogs around the respective campaigns for the...

Vice-Chancellor's Blog 25 January 2016

Recently I attended the Board that oversees our Difference Campaign. The Board is comprised of our alumni and friends who very kindly give up their time (and money) to help our fundraising. Their...

Vice Chancellor's Blog 13th October 2015

As the new academic year gets well and truly underway, I was delighted to formally celebrate the official opening of the  Enterprise Centre  last week. We were joined by more than 200...

Vice-Chancellor's Blog 21st September 2015

I hope everyone has had a great summer – it certainly has been a wonderful time for UEA. The 2,000 final-year students who contributed to the National Student Survey gave UEA a fantastic 92 per...

Vice-Chancellor's Blog 14th July 2015

On 4 July, 3000 prospective students visited our campus open day. Including parents and friends, we hosted more than 6000 people. The sun shone and many of our visitors said how vibrant and...

Vice-Chancellor's Blog 27th May 2015

We now know that UEA’s first five year plan within its Vision 2030 will run concurrently with a Conservative government. It was certainly a fascinating election campaign, and few predicted that...

Vice-Chancellor's Blog 1st May 2015

Who will form the government after 7 May? There has never been a more intriguing and uncertain election in my lifetime. With so many prominent parties vying for votes, the political landscape is...

Vice-Chancellor's Blog 24th March 2015

I have been enjoying the Vision2030 consultation. I have been involved in a number of events myself and am aware of others taking place around the University. In the last couple of weeks I have...

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