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UEA2030 UEA2030

The UEA2030 consultation launched on 16 February, with 1,500 comments given on the day answering the question "What should UEA be in 2030?"

Since then, the results have been analysed and key themes have emerged from the comments. Throughout March and April, each of these themes is being explored in a blog written by an expert in the field. 

The boxes on the right link to the three blogs that have been posted so far - you are invited to get involved and post your opinions about the blogs on the discussion boards below each one.

Students Students

Learning and Teaching Service (LTS)

The Learning and Teaching Service (LTS) deals with all aspects of academic life such as registration; enrolment on modules; assessments; quality assurance issues; regulations and concessions.

Get to know your Hub

There are four student Hubs. Each provides support for a range of courses offered by a group of schools. The hubs are staffed from 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday (except for University closures such as Bank Holidays).

Student Charter

Read the new Student Charter.

IT Service Status IT Service Status


  •  No Issues
  •  Minor Issue
  •  Major Issue
  •  Planned Maintenance

PC Availability PC Availability

Key Contacts Key Contacts

IT Helpdesk

01603 592345 (ext 2345)

Library Helpdesk

01603 592993 (ext 2993)

Estates Helpdesk (24/7)

01603 592121 (ext 2121)

Campus Security

01603 592352 (ext 2352)
(emergency 01603 592222)


01603 456161 (ext 0)