Misconduct and Discipline Misconduct and Discipline

Zero Tolerance

The University has a zero tolerance in all instances of student misconduct, bullying, harassment, assault, sexual or domestic violence. This means that the University will thoroughly investigate all reports of inappropriate behaviour and conduct, and will implement recommendations and/or actions in line with the disciplinary policy, equality and diversity policies, contract of employment, and UEA student regulations. 


Any student who has been a victim student or staff misconduct should seek advice, help and support from Student Services or visit UEA's Report and Support reporting and supporting tool to offer.

The University of East Anglia is committed to maintaining a working, learning, living, and social environment that is free from any form of harassment in whatever form this may take, including cyber-bullying. Harassment adversely affects the working, learning, living, and social conditions of University students and staff and is unacceptable. 

Student Misconduct Policy at UEA

Any incident of harassment will be regarded very seriously and may be grounds for disciplinary action including dismissal from the University in cases involving staff, and suspension and exclusion from the University in cases involving students.

Procedures for Dealing with Harassment

Harassment and Sexual or Physical Misconduct Policy 2018

University Disciplinary and Investigative Procedures and Powers

Non-Academic Complaints Regulations

Maintaining Good Order: Guidelines on Non-Academic Discipline Policy and Procedures

Criminal Offence Declaration Criminal Offence Declaration

If at any time while you are studying at UEA (including from when you receive an offer to study with us) you receive a criminal offence, caution, protection notice or order, been under investigation, or others as listed on the Criminal Offence Declaration; you must complete and submit this form.

Criminal Offence Declaration