Apply to the UEA Hardship Fund Apply to the UEA Hardship Fund

The UEA Hardship Fund is a non-repayable discretionary fund used to provide grants to students who are not eligible to apply for help from the Government-funded Access to Learning Fund (e.g. EU and international students), so they can concentrate on their studies and remain in higher education. 

Students are expected to ensure that they have sufficient funds to meet the cost of their tuition fees and living expenses before starting their course but we recognise that in people’s lives circumstances may change. Living in the UK may prove more expensive than anticipated due to circumstances beyond their control or unexpected financial crises may occur due to a family bereavement or emergency. 

Please note that the Fund cannot help with tuition fees, and there is no guarantee of an award upon application.  Applications for the 2018-19 academic year have now closed.  Applications for 2019/2020 will open on Monday 23 September 2019.