Access to learning fund Access to learning fund

The Access to Learning Fund (ALF) is a non-repayable discretionary fund used to provide grants to home students (undergraduate and postgraduate) in order to relieve financial pressures, so they can concentrate on their studies and remain in higher education. The fund can be used to:

  • Meet specific course and living costs not already met from other sources
  • Assist students in financial hardship
  • Provide emergency payments to deal with unexpected financial crises
  • Help students considering leaving their courses due to financial problems

Please note that the Fund cannot help with tuition fees, and there is no guarantee of an award upon application as funds are limited. Applications are now open for 2017/2018 academic year and close 1 June 2018 (or 18 May if you are a final year undergraduate).  Please read about the funds for either home students (Access to Learning Fund) or EU/Overseas students (UEA Hardship Fund) in this article before applying.  Applications can be downloaded here; pages 11 and 12 are blank and need not be printed out.