How to complain How to complain

To help the University quickly and effectively address issues in the community in which students are involved we have put together the following advice on ‘How to raise a complaint’. This sets out how situations can be managed and accurately reported to the Community Liaison Officer to allow appropriate action to be taken.

Complaints can be addressed to the Community Liaison Officer directly on 01603 592 761, or by emailing

  1. To allow us to keep you updated of any progress when dealing with your complaint please provide your name, address, telephone number and email. If you would like for us to notify your local Councillor of the complaint, please let us know.

  2. To help us identify whether those concerned are indeed students of UEA, please provide details of the property address in question.

  3. Please provide accurate details of the incident in question. This may include times that excessive noise were experienced or details of a conversation held. If it is appropriate to do so, a photo of a large gathering (taken from distance and with the aim of demonstrating the size of a group, rather than identifying individuals) may be beneficial. Remember to keep any descriptions of the disturbance including times, frequency and numbers as accurate as possible. If it is not possible to give an accurate number it is better to simply state “large gathering of between 20-30” than to overestimate.

  4. Finally, please describe how this situation has impacted upon you.

Following receipt of your complaint, action will be taken to address this in line with the procedures details on the ‘Community Advice’ page.