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Whether you are concerned about managing on your student loan, covering your childcare costs or dealing with your debts, the Finance Advisers are able to give you impartial, non-judgmental advice and may be able to provide additional financial support to help meet your essential living and course-related costs through a range of hardship funds. It is best to ask for advice as soon as you are aware of a financial problem but remember that it is never too late to ask for help.

To contact a financial adviser, email or phone 01603 593290, 01603 591702 or 01603 593184. Alternatively, you can make an appointment by contacting a Student Service Reception in person, by phone 01603 592761 or by email ( The financial advisers are now located in Student Services (Student Life) in the Lawrence Stenhouse Building (LSB) 0.20. If you are unable to attend face-to-face appointments for work, placement or family reasons, or if you are studying abroad, please email us at to discuss ways in which we may be able to help you.

Do you have a cash-flow emergency, or placement costs? Our service provides short-term, interest free loans.  More information is available in our section entitled Emergency Loan Facility.

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