Our Relationship Managers can broker introductions and interactions between UEA and a wide variety of companies and organisations. We have brought together a list of some of the key relationships; however, there are many other organisations with whom UEA is working, through a number of channels including the relationship team, Careers, Development, schools and specific academics. If you can't find the details of the organisation you wish to contact on the list, please get in touch with the relationship team and we will let you know whether there is a relationship with that organisation elsewhere in UEA. If you feel that a particular organisation/sector is missing, we will endeavour to broker that relationshaip. 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in confidence.

For more general enquiries contact us on 01603 591574.


Chris Blincoe                                                                      

Relationship Manager - Digital, Heritage and Creative

Tel: 01603 593445

Relationship Administrator: Claire Bushell


Richard Clarke                                                                     

Relationship Manager - Healthcare and Social Science

Tel: 01603 593178 

Relationship Administrator: Sue Coleman


Anna Douglas

Relationship Manager - Business, Financial and Legal Services

Tel: 01603 592076

Relationship Administrator: Claire Bushell


Dr Karen Smith                                                                    

Relationship Manager - Medical and Life Sciences

Tel: 01603 593147 

Relationship Administrator: Sue Coleman                                          

Andy Whilding                                                      

Relationship Manager - Engineering

Tel: 01603 591488

Relationship Administrator: Claire Bushell


UEA Staff, please contact your Project Officer in the first instance.

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