The Wellcome trust has been a long-standing supporter of open access to publications and is in the position to provide sufficient financial resource to cover the costs of open access where necessary.

Their current policy can be seen at:

The policy covers journal articles, book chapters and monographs.  These need to be made available through PubMed Central and Europe PMC (for journal articles) or PMC Bookshelf and Europe PMC (for monographs and book chapters) as soon as possible and no longer than 6 months after publication.

Wherever possible, outputs should be made open access immediately in their final published form.  Journal articles must be published under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licence if an open access fee is paid, and is strongly encouraged in all other cases.

Costs for open access fees cannot be included in grants.  Some institutions are provided with a block grant to cover open access costs for Wellcome Trust funded research, but at UEA researchers need to apply for the funds to cover this.  Such requests will not be refused so long as the Wellcome Trust's requirements are met.  If this applies to you, please contact your project officer in RIN in the first instance.