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We are celebrating the ResNet 15th anniversary in 2015.  Please join us at our events throughout the year based on a theme of Women. Past, Present and Future.

Did you hear about the one-day 'Women of the Future' conference on 23rd April 2015?  This was a unique event for over 200 Year 10 girls and a collaboration between the John Innes Centre, ResNet and UEA.  It was a great day and we achieved our aim to inspire the next generation of female STEMM professionals!  We had sponsorship from various sources, including Intel and they made a video of the event that you can watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkhcO_V6mps  There is also further information at http://nextgenstemm.org.uk/wotf/

ResNet is a contact and information network promoting gender equality and fairness at the UEA, The John Innes Centre, The Institute of Food Research, The Genome Analysis Centre and The Sainsbury Laboratory.

We welcome the active participation of postgraduate students, research staff, postdoctoral researchers, research fellows, technicians, research assistants, UEA faculty, institute project leaders, support and administrative staff of any gender.


We run lunchtime and social events throughout the year, plus a website, an email list, a ResNet facebook page and the @ResNetNorwich twitter account.  Overall we aim to:

  • promote career development
  • provide inspiration, information and support
  • raise awareness about equal opportunities
  • to bring together women researchers with common interests.

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We would welcome your input and comments about gender and diversity issues in the research environment. We would like to include your ideas for events, workshops or meetings that would help to raise awareness of these issues, promote good practice and create an enhanced working environment for the benefit of all.




What the project has delivered

  • a network primarily for women research staff in the sciences at UEA and the Norwich Research Park.
  • a programme of activity to support the development of knowledge, attitudes and skills consisting of workshops, visits and visiting speakers.
  • an email newsgroup to enhance and encourage communication, and the exchange of ideas and contact among network members.


The benefits of the project

  • raising individual awareness of the current situation of women.
  • providing a forum where common concerns and issues can be explored and discussed.
  • empowering women to improve their outlook on their career.
  • providing a source of data on women research staff at UEA and Norwich Research Park.
  • feeding into policy-making to improve the gender balance.
  • increasing the visibility of women in research at UEA and the Norwich Research Park.


ResNet is administered from CSED UEA
ResNetbookings@uea.ac.uk or phone 01603 593269

@ResNetNorwich @ResNetNorwich

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