How to use a locker in the Library How to use a locker in the Library

Most lockers in the building use keys that are issued in the same way as you borrow other library materials. 

Borrowing a locker key

  • They are available for 7 day loan (Undergraduates & Taught Postgraduates) or 28 day loan (Research Postgraduate)
  • Collect the key and case from the High Demand Area (Floor 0) and use the self-service kiosks to issue.
  • They have unlimited renewals (unless requested).
  • If all keys are out on loan, you can place a request for one.
  • Recalls cannot be made on locker keys.
  • There is a £1 per day fine for late renewal or return.

Please be aware that 

  • With the exception of bottled water, food, drink or other perishable items should not be stored in the lockers. 
  • To ensure fair access to library materials periodicals, reference books, and other unissued library material must not be stored in lockers. 
  • Staff may enter any locker which they believe is being used inappropriately. 

Locations of lockers and who can use them

All students:

There are 48 lockers available in the Group Study Room on Floor 01 of the library which are available to all students; in addition a further 68 lockers are located in the library cloakroom. 

It may be possible for students with additional needs to have a locker for a longer period; please contact  the Student Support Service for further information.

There are lockers administrated by the Student Support Service in the Library foyer on floor 0 for those unable to access the lockers on Floor 01. 

Postgraduate Students using the Postgraduate Reading Rooms:

There are 76 lockers available in the Taught Postgraduate Reading Room on Floor 2

There are 60 lockers available in the Research Postgraduate Reading Room on Floor 2

RAC students, INTO students & Visitors:

There are 12 coin operated lockers in the Library Cloakroom available for RAC & INTO students, External and SCONUL Borrowers and Library visitors. Please ask at the reception desk for details on how to access these. 

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