Download documents received digitally from the British Library Download documents received digitally from the British Library

The British Library often supplies a  digital copy of journal articles, book chapters and conference papers  via email direct to your email address.  

How is this done?

DRM Lite is an electronic delivery method that allows the British Library to supply secure, encrypted documents and ensure that the item is used only as permitted and that the rights of the copyright holder are protected. Access to the document is via Adobe Reader 10 and above. The main difference compared to the previous method for electronic delivery is that the document is locked to a user rather than a machine, meaning it can be viewed from anywhere on any machine, including mobile devices. Users need to be registered for On Demand to enable them to open documents. 

Registering for the Service:

The first time you receive an email from the British Library with a link to a document you will also have a link to Register for On Demand which you will need to do in order to access this and future documents

Registration is a quick process and only needs to be done once. Note: it can take up to 5 minutes for the British Library's records to be updated with a new On Demand registration so please retry if your initial download attempts fails.

On Demand registration

Access to your document

You will receive an email from the British Library ( with a link to take you to the download page (as above). 

When you click on  "Click to download your document" you will be invited to open or save the document. When you open the document an Adobe reader will be displayed and you will need to enter your British Library username and password into the pop up box. 

Important information about browsers and PDF viewers

The Reader that you need on your device to read documents sent by the British Library is Adobe Reader 10 or above. UEA Networked PCs have this software but if you use other PCs or mobile devices you may need to download an Adobe Reader. This can be downloaded free of charge from the email sent by the British Library.

If your browser's default PDF viewer is not Adobe Reader it will need disabling before documents can be read. 

Google Chrome's viewer is disabled by typing chrome://plugins in the address bar, then scrolling down and clicking Disable next to Chrome PDF Viewer. After saving/printing your document you can enable the Chrome PDF browser again if needed for other tasks. An alternative is to to use Internet Explorer or Firefox.

If you are using an Apple Mobile Device the British Library recommend that you use Safari which is the default browser. You still need to make sure that you have the Adobe Reader installed and that you choose the Adobe Reader to open the document.

Access restrictions due to copyright 

You can access the document multiple times on different devices but you will always need to use the same BL On Demand username and password that you used on the first occasion. It is locked in order to prevent the document being passed to others.

You may print only one paper copy and under copyright law you must not make any further copies, either print or photocopies

If you save the document you will have access to it for three years from the date of supply. If files are not saved, access from the download link will cease after 30 days. 

Need further help?

There is a link to further advice from the British Library in the email that they send you with your document. 

If you experience problems and need further help then contact Interlending Staff.

Need further help? Need further help?

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