Tips on Downloading Tips on Downloading

All of our e-books can be read online using your computer or mobile device, however if you want to read offline you must download the e-book. Some downloads are in PDF format either by chapter or by title and require no additional software to save to your device. However some of our e-books, mainly from providers like Ebook Central and EBSCOhost are protected with "Digital Rights Management" technology and in order to download these you need to install a free piece of software called Adobe Digital Editions. This software enables you to authorise your computer to download the e-book and is an e-book reader.

Follow the online instructions to open the software and create an Adobe ID (this is necessary if you want to transfer e-books from your computer to a mobile device or if you want to read on a mobile device.)

To download an e-book onto a mobile device you must install the Bluefire Reader application.

Ebook Central and EBSCOhost are two of our main providers of e-books. Checkout the following videos covering the basics of how to navigate their interfaces and download their e-books. 

Ebook Central

Ebook Central Overview and Searching 


Ebook Central Book Shelf  


Ebook Central Reader  




EBSCOhost e-book Searching 

EBSCOhost e-book Downloading


EBSCOhost e-book Downloading on to a mobile device