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Naomi Alderman (1974-) is a prize winning author of novels and short stories and a graduate of the MA in Creative Writing (Prose Fiction). In 2006, Alderman won the Orange Award for New Writers with her debut novel, Disobedience, and in 2007 was named as Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year. She was included in Granta’s Best of Young British Novelists (2013).

In 2017, Alderman won the Bailey's Prize for Women's Fiction for her latest work, The Power, a highly acclaimed feminist and dystopian science fiction novel that reads like a thriller. 'At the novel's heart is the question of power: who has it, how do you get it, what does it do to you when you've got it? And when you wield the power, how long will it be before the power wields you?' (Naomi Alderman).

Alderman is also a journalist, online games writer and a broadcaster and was mentored by Margaret Atwood as part of the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative.

She has deposited her archive with UEA (on loan). It contains notebooks, drafts of manuscripts, including the first draft of an unpublished first novel written while at Oxford, proofs and correspondence, scripts for the online game, Zombies Run! as well as academic writing and other material that has influenced her creative works.

News update: In December 2017, Naomi deposited her first draft of The Power. A discussion of the draft and her creative process with The Power was included in a recent Guardian interview.

Alderman, on depositing her archive at UEA: "I'm delighted that my archive will be stored at UEA. I have very happy memories of my year of MA study, which really changed my life, helping to form my writing and my working habits. Many of my papers relate to my time there - and it seems the natural home for them. I'm thrilled to be in such distinguished company, and to be working with a team who are helping to make sense of the objects and papers of my life.”

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