Forms - Hand in to the Hub in person or by email Forms - Hand in to the Hub in person or by email

To use our pdf forms follow these steps: 

  • Save the form in the newly opened window (ignore the error message) or RIGHT CLICK (select Save Target As) from the link itself.
  • RIGHT CLICK the saved file then select Open with Adobe Reader/Acrobat.


Use Adobe Reader / Acrobat to complete forms (DO NOT COMPLETE FORMS IN BROWSER; DO NOT COMPLETE ON A MOBILE DEVICE) All PDFs are forced to open on Microsoft Edge if using Windows 10, even after downloading, unless you have manually changed the settings to make Adobe Reader your default application for reading PDFs. Forms will not work on Microsoft Edge.

For emailed forms: sign your forms electronically by typing your name in the specified box and sending it from your UEA email account. Save a copy for your own reference. An email confirmation can stand in for signatures from other parties (e.g. Adviser/Medical Officer) Attach any relevant documentation to your email. If your medical certificate is being forwarded directly to the Hub, let us know in your form.

More help is available from your Hub, the Student Union and Student Support Service.

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Student Union Advice Centre

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GDPR and webforms

Absence, Assessment and Examinations

Extenuating Circumstances (EC) Request via e:Vision

Let us know if anything has affected your academic performance this year.

How to submit an EC request on e:Vision 

EC Regulations Guidance 


Reporting Absences 

Report absences, whether for personal or medical reasons, on e:Vision



Re-marking Request

Request a piece of coursework that has been single marked to be re-marked


Request to Sit Examination Overseas

Request to sit exams set in August (Delayed First Sit / Reassessment) oveseas due to exceptional circumstances


Request Authorised Absence for Study Purposes 

A form for taught Tier 4 visa students who require an authorised absence from the University for study purposes (e.g. collecting data, completing dissertation away from the University). The form must be authorised by your Dissertation Supervisor or Module Organiser if appropriate. Signed forms must be submitted at least four weeks before the anticipated date of leaving.


Missed Assessments

If you have missed or will miss an assessed item (e.g. lab, course test, presentation) contact your Hub as soon as possible

Contact your Hub

Letter Requests

Proof of Study Letter 

A Proof of Study letter can be required when you apply for a travel visa whilst studying with us. You can print this letter out yourself on e:Vision. Here's some guidance.


Bank Introduction Letter 

Please email your Hub to receive a Bank Introduction Letter (see Confirmation of Study Letter section for email addresses). You will need to provide us with your current address and your home address by making sure your information is up to date on e:Vision


Formal Written Confirmation (FWC) Request

FWC letters are produced solely for international students who (a) have applied for further study at a Higher Educational Institution (HEI) AND (b) require such a letter to support their Tier 4 Visa Application. You need to have passed all modules and submitted your dissertation (or attended your viva if studying for a Masters by Research (MRes) degree.


CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) letter

This form is for students who:

  • have interrupted their studies (intercalation) and are expected to return to UEA to resume their studies
  • have had their course end date extended to a further year and require a new visa to complete their course
  • have been offered a transfer to a new course and require a new visa to commence their new course

Guidance to the CAS process and completing the form


Academic Transcript Request 

See Student Records Office if you need a copy of your transcript / diploma supplement

Module Enrolment and Changes to Course, Modules or Adviser (incl. LTS004 and LTS007)

Module Enrolment (LTS004)

To register your optional module choices if you cannot complete the process on e:Vision


Change of Module (LTS008) 

Apply for a module change within the first three weeks of the autumn semester and the first two weeks of the spring semester


Concession for a Late Module Change

Apply for a module change past the first three weeks of the autumn semester and past the first two weeks of the spring semester


Variation to Course Profile (LTS007)

Apply to study a module not currently offered in your course route


Change of Seminar Group (LTS009) 

Apply to change seminar group


Request to change your Adviser

Apply to change your personal adviser


Transfer Request Form A

To change your degree programme, addition of an integrated masters, or withdrawal from Year Abroad (please see the Hub before completing this form)


Transfer Request Form C

For all Science with Foundation Year students who want to transfer degree programmes

Interruption to Studies and Withdrawal

If you are looking to interrupt your studies, complete the Extenuating Circumstances Request located in Absences, Assessment and Examinations (see above).


Return to Study (LTS018)

Application to return to study or extend an agreed absence following a period of interruption to studies for reasons other than medical issues


Return to Study - Repetition (LTS019)

Application to return to study or extend an agreed absence following a period of interruption to studies when repetition of study elements is required



To formally withdraw from your programme of study

Appeals and Complaints

Senate Student Discipline Committee Appeals Form (SSDC Appeal Form) 

To appeal a decision of the Senate Student Discipline Committee (SSDC). This form will then be considered by the Senate Student Discipline Appeals Committee (SSDAC)


Academic Appeal - Stage One (LTS020)

To formally raise concerns about academic results or circumstances relating to them

Guidance for completing the form


Academic Appeal - Stage Two (LTS022)

To raise a further appeal if unsatisfied with the outcome from a Stage One Academic Appeal


Non-Academic Student Discipline Appeal - Stage One

To appeal against a decision made by the Student Disciplinary Officer


Non-Academic Student Discipline Appeal - Stage Two

To appeal against a decision made by the Student Support Service at Stage One of a Non-Academic Student Discipline Appeal


Academic Complaint - Stage One (LTS021)

To formally rise concerns about a programme of study or its associated academic facilities

Guidance for completing the form


Academic Complaint - Stage Two (LTS023)

To appeal the outcome of Stage One


Non-Academic Complaints - Stage One

To formally raise concerns which are the responsibility of the University but not directly related to your programme of study, its associated academic facilities nor an academic result.


Non-Academic Complaints - Stage Two

To appeal the result of Stage One