Coursework Coursework

Types of Coursework

Coursework (assessment) is a key part of your academic life. There are two functions to coursework: to help you learn through feedback (formative); to evaluate your progress within the module (summative).


Formative coursework marks do not contribute to your module and degree results; summative coursework marks contribute to your module and degree results.


Submission Regulations and Guidelines

There are University regulations on how coursework is submitted and processed at the university. For some guidance on coursework submission, check out our guide. Some of the topics covered include

Coursework FAQs


Process of Submitting Work

  • All assessments are due at 3pm on the day of the deadline.
  • If you’re submitting your work electronically via e:vision give yourself ample time before the 3pm deadline. Deadlines can be stressful and the upload process might not be immediate.
  • If you encounter circumstances that affect your ability to meet the deadline, you can submit an extenuating circumstances report form; the extenuating circumstances committee for each school will evaluate how a situation might have affected your performance.
  • If you do make a mistake uploading your file, or want to upload another version, you can do so anytime up to the deadline.


The Assessment Submission tab in your e:vision account shows the types of assessment required for your modules (e.g. online or paper copy), along with their due dates. You can also take a look at the guidance document on Submission of work for assessment using e:vision for a complete explanation of the electronic submission process, or refer to our submission guidelines page.

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