COVID-19: Arrangements for summative assessment at UEA COVID-19: Arrangements for summative assessment at UEA

Updated 08.04.2020

As the COVID-19 coronavirus situation continues to evolve we recognise that this is an anxious time for you, particularly in relation to upcoming assessments and exams.

In light of the restrictions in place, we aim to only assess those things that are essential to the learning outcomes of courses rather than individual modules. We are currently working through what this will mean on a course by course basis, so please bear with us while this work is ongoing. All assessment will be on Blackboard and there will be no need for students to come to campus.

For students on courses regulated by professional and statutory regulatory bodies (PSRBs), for example courses in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, in social work and pharmacy amongst others, any changes may need to be negotiated and agreed with those regulating bodies.

You will have heard directly from your School of Study in respect of your assessments and exams in early April and more detail will be forthcoming such as revised assessment brief after Easter. In the meantime, try to keep up with your studies online.

New Information (08.04.20)

1) We are in the process of updating our systems to reflect the changes in assessment made by your School. The majority of changes have been made and should be visible through E-vision (for CW) and the exam timetable (for exam alterations) but there may be one or two that are still outstanding and we will update the information as and when we get it.

2) Once updated you will be able to see your revised assessments with submission dates on E-vision. Some items will be been removed, some items may have been merged, or other details changed such as word counts. Where items of assessment have been replaced/removed/merged you will be able to see the revised weighting of the items within the module. We can only make changes to Blackboard once the system is updated and so for a while you will experience differences between information held on E-vision and that on Blackboard. We aim to have updated Blackboard such that it reflects the information on E-vision by Monday 20th April. You will receive a new assessment brief for each new assessment via your module Blackboard sites in due course.

3) Many timetabled exams are now not taking place and assessment of these learning outcomes will be happening in a different way. Where Schools wish learning to still be examined this will take place as an online exam and new assessment briefs are in preparation to give you a clear understanding of what this will mean for each exams (for example: the style of the exam, the number of questions to be answered, the choice of questions etc).

A revised exam timetable is in preparation which just shows those exams now happening will be posted on the Portal in due course. Exams that are going ahead will happen on the scheduled day of the original timetable.

In a few cases, a collection of exams (two or more) have been replaced with one new exam. Your School will inform you of the details, and the new exam, with new module code, will appear on the timetable. Your School will inform you if this is the case and this might mean a change of exam date.

4) In addition to the main exams, there are a small number of students who are due to take reassessments in School-led exams; these do not appear in the main exam timetable but instead students will be scheduled on a ‘non-module event’ and this will be in your Outlook Calendar.

5) We are also giving more thought to those who require delayed coursework assessments. We had said that all delayed assessment would happen in August. In response to student queries we are considering whether we can facilitate delayed coursework assessments happening in June and July, leaving August for delayed examinations. A decision will be made imminently and information posted here after Easter.

Our Principles Our Principles

Please be reassured that we have you best interests at heart. We are adopting measures that maintain academic standards and so protect the value of your degrees while recognising that students are having their learning and assessment impacted by the COVID-19 situation.

Our over-riding objective is to protect the educational interests of students and provide opportunities for all students to progress to their next year of study, or to compete and graduate.

This means:

1) We will give priority to activities which support final year students to complete their studies.

2) Assessment will only be undertaken where it is necessary and in the interests of students to do so.

3) Courses which are subject to regulation by an outside body (for example courses in nursing and teacher training) have been asked to consider these principles but may make alternative arrangements as required.

4) We will aim to reduce the number of assessments you have to do wherever possible.

5) Any amendment to assessment delivery and/or design will be designed to meet the needs of all students.

6) Any changes to assessment activity should not place unreasonable additional demands upon students and staff workload at this stressful time.

Information for Undergraduate Students

Information for Taught Postgraduate Students

Changes in Assessments (UG and PGT)

Assessment Adjustments FAQs


We appreciate that this is a difficult time for you and we hope that the information on these pages is helpful. We are working as swiftly as we can to provide you with detail on your assessments and will communicate this as soon as we are able to do so. Please be aware that we are working in a dynamic and changing environment ourselves and our plans may need to change if we are advised to do so by the UK Government Office for Students. We will keep this page updated and alert you if changes become necessary. If you have any questions please send them through to