Timetables Timetables

Every year your timetable will be produced automatically with all of your lecture and seminar sessions booked in. Your timetable can be viewed either on the Student Page in eVision or on your mobile device through the Microsoft Outlook app. 


Your mobile timetable will automatically update within 10 minutes of any changes when your device is actively synced with your UEA Account. 


We recommend using the Microsoft Outlook app on your mobile device to view your timetable and receive email notifications (please ensure you have notifications enabled on your device).


Please follow the instructions in the links below on how to do this:


If you find some timetable events are duplicated in your calendar please ensure that you remove any out of date feeds from your UEA Outlook Calendar.


This can be done by signing into your UEA email account on the web here and right clicking on the feed in the left hand pane view and selecting "Remove".



We strongly recommend that you use the Microsoft Outlook app to view your timetable but if your device is not compatible you can add your UEA email account to your device (Gmail / iCloud Calendar etc...) which will feed through your UEA Calendar and Timetable.


1. If you are adding your UEA email account to your device without the Microsoft Outlook app you will need to select "Exchange and Office 365" as the account type when adding the account.


2. Make sure you input your email address as your username@uea.ac.uk (abc19xyz).



3. Keep the default settings and proceed.


4. Depending on your device the final step may take several minutes to complete but once your account is added your calendar/timetable will display.


The frequency of updates will depend on your device settings so make sure your UEA email account is set to sync regularly to receive any timetable updates from your Learning and Teaching Hub.