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Are you involved in teaching our doctors of the future, or would you like to be?

Are you collaborating with Norwich Medical School staff on research?

The GMC National Training Survey (2014) placed UEA at the top in terms of our graduates’ preparedness to practice and in 2015 the GMC Regional Review gave us eleven points of commendation. In 2017 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the graduation of our founding MB BS cohort. In 2018 we were successful in bidding for additional medical student numbers and our founding cohort of Physician Associates achieved 100% pass rate in the national exams and OSCEs, and so our courses and our reputation continues to grow.

We are proud of our achievements and thankful to everyone who contributes. We continually strive to increase our efforts on teaching quality and respond to student and staff feedback.

Our research profile is focussed on three themes: Cardiometabolic and Gut Health, Lifecourse and Ageing, and Public Health and Health Services Research.

We place a high value on the contribution made by the many colleagues who work with Norwich Medical School to deliver high quality teaching and research. This page explains how we recognise colleagues working in the NHS or other sectors who contribute to our work.

teaching fellows teaching fellows

Teaching Fellows

Colleagues with a regular teaching commitment and / or still completing their training, who require a UEA username and password for access to Library borrowing, PCs in teaching spaces, Evision, Blackboard or Rogo, are usually appointed as non-stipendiary Teaching Fellows, by completion of a V1 form, which is valid for a maximum of 12 months. Please send this to MED Reception. Once the form has been processed, the IT Helpdesk make contact with the UEA username and password and a Campus Card can be obtained by visiting the UEA Library.

honorary lecturers honorary lecturers

Honorary Lecturers

Honorary appointments in MED, below the grade of Reader, are made by the Human Resources Division on the recommendation of the Head of School or a delegated representative.

We may choose to recognise substantial and long-term contributions made by an individual, not employed by the University, by granting them an Honorary title in respect of their contribution to:

  • academic work (including admissions interviews, teaching, assessment and advising responsibilities and course and module leadership roles), or
  • research and innovation collaborations with University staff.

Colleagues who have completed their training and / or hold a substantive Consultant grade appointment or equivalent, and who are making a long term substantial and /or significant contribution to the work of the School, may apply for Honorary Lecturer or Honorary Senior Lecturer status, linked either to teaching or research.

Each application will be judged on its own merit but we offer the categories below in order to help colleagues understand the different levels of contribution and recognition. Please contact MED.HR@uea.ac.uk in the first instance.

Honorary Appointment Criteria Comment
Lecturer A significant contribution to teaching and/or research within MED Actively involved in delivery of teaching to students from MED OR Grant holder of project with UEA or named collaborator for project with UEA or peer reviewed publication as sole author or with UEA co-author or substantial non-peer reviewed professional publication in themes relevant to UEA health activities
Senior Lecturer A substantial contribution to teaching and/or research within MED

Leadership role or evidence of attainment in curriculum development, assessment, evaluation and teaching  OR Continued evidence of active research portfolio

Continued publication of papers in good refereed journals

Continued research income

Approval of teaching related appointments are delegated as follows:

Undergraduate leadership roles including secondary care colleagues - MB BS Course Director, Professor Alys Burns

MB BS GP tutors - Lead Practice Development Tutor, Dr Dickie Young

Specialist Clinical Masters Course Directors and Module Leads - Professor Jerome Pereira

Please note that approval of research related appointments are delegated to the Director of Research, Professor Alastair Forbes, and taken to MED Exec for formal approval.

Appointments which are neither teaching nor research go to MED Exec for approval (e.g. international developments).

In all cases, requests for a recommendation should comprise both a completed application form and a brief, up-to-date CV including date of birth. It is important that a member of UEA staff is named as the primary point of contact for the applicant, particularly in the case of research related appointments. This provides the School with an internal point of contact if further information is required.

Please send your initial information to MED HR. All new applications should reach the School by 1 November and will be reviewed in December.

renewal of honorary appointments renewal of honorary appointments

Renewal of Honorary Appointments

Honorary appointments usually have a three year duration, set to expire on 31 July.

In January each year HR will provide the School with the names of current honorary appointments due to end that year, and Schools are asked to review whether it is appropriate to end or extend the periods of appointment of existing honorary appointees and advise HR accordingly. A reminder will be sent to those with honorary appointments and individuals will be required to complete the 'Application and Renewal' form, updating information on their research collaborations and teaching input. Where no form is submitted. honorary appointments will expire at 31 July.

All applications and renewals are reviewed by the Medical School Promotions Committee. Or, as required, the Medical School Promotions Sub Committee (Honorary Appointments).

honorary chairs and readers honorary chairs and readers

Honorary Chairs and Readers

Honorary Readers and Professor nominations by the School continue to be considered by the university’s Honorary Chairs and Readers Committee after being submitted by MED with the Head of School statement of support, and where approved are offered for a five year period, with subsequent five-year renewals should the School wish.  The expectation is that members of the School will identify and nominate cases for consideration at this level, rather than individuals self-nominating.

Honorary Appointment Criteria Comment
Reader A major contribution to research within MED Should have international recognition for research contribution as attested by 3 external referees at least one of whom must be from overseas

A significant contribution to teaching AND a major contribution to research


A major contribution to teaching AND a significant contribution to research within MED

Actively involved in delivery of teaching to students from MED and international recognition for research contribution as attested by 3 external referees at least one of whom must be from overseas OR Leadership role in curriculum development, assessment, evaluation and teaching and Continued evidence of active research portfolio

Continued publication of papers in good refereed journals

Continued research income


For further information please refer to the University guidance.

NB. The Honorary appointments processes described above are managed by the University and are separate from the honorary academic NHS contracts issued to NHS employees who undertake teaching or research as part of their substantive employment contract (job plan). The honorary contract is a Follett requirement.