Travelling to the university by car Travelling to the university by car

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of traveling to and from campus by car. Before you travel, please consider alternative methods of travel such as public transport, cycling or walking to campus. The university is easily accessible by road and benefits from a regular Park and Ride service. 

More information on planning your journey to Norwich.

On campus, our team manages and maintains several car parks, each with different conditions for parking. Parking on university grounds is a charged for service:

  • Visitor parking is subject to a daily rate, settled either by Pay & Display or at pay on foot machines
  • Eligible staff and students may apply for a parking permit (charges apply)
  • Staff can also arrange visitor-parking permits for invited guests

Car Sharing

We operate a car share scheme, 'Smart Share' aimed at reducing the number of one-person, one-car commuter journeys.

Finding parking spaces on campus can be difficult and the surrounding local road network is subject to congestion at peak travel times. Sharing your journey eases congestion, lessens your travel costs and helps reduce environmental impact. There are also parking bays on campus dedicated to 'Smartshare' permit holders only before 09:30.

EV Arrangements

The University has two charging points in the West Car Park (P2/P3) provided by Chargemaster on the Polar Network. Currently there is no charge for charging but there is a monthly fee for Polar Network membership.

A rapid charger is available for use in the Visitors to Earlham Park, Zone A Car Park, there is a time restricted stay of 1 hour at the rapid charger. You will need to register to use the charging point at:


Registration Process:

Step 1:  Online Driver details, address and contact information and agreement to Terms & Conditions

Step 2:  Account email validation link, click this to be redirected to Activate your Account & Set a Password

An email will be sent to your inbox (Check spam & Junk folders)

Step 3: Payment Details – In order to allow for tariff charge point billing.

At the payment screen, you will be directed to out online Payment provider ‘Go Cardless’ where direct debit can be set up.

Step 4: Vehicle Details – Once payment details have been completed, your vehicle details will be entered.

Step 5: Card dispatched – Within 1-2 working days with all steps completed for account setup.


The chargemaster charging point, on the Polar network located in the Earlham Park Zone A Car Park will be relocated to the Main Car Park in Summer 2019.

Due to capacity issues in respect of the supply of power the University does not have any plans pre 2020 to increase the number of charging points available.  A review will take place post 2020.

Charging points are porvided as a service and as such the University will shortly introduce a charge for using the points.

EV Etiquette

EVs Only - It’s never acceptable for an internal combustion car to park in a spot designated for a plug-in car, regardless of how crowded a car park is and no matter how infrequently the charging location is used.

Only Charge When Necessary - Don’t charge if you don’t need to, leave the spot free for another EV driver that might need it more than you.

Charge and Move On - Only occupy a charging spot while your car is being charged. As soon as the charging session is completed—either when your battery is full or when you have adequate range to comfortably reach your destination, unplug and move your car as soon as possible. Many charging networks and car apps can be set to notify you by email or text when your charging session is completed.


There is no general parking for coaches on campus so organisers of events should contact the Lodge well in advance to arrange drop off and collection points.

Need help? Need help?

Travel and Transport team

  • Telephone: 01603 592353 (Transport Administrator) or for urgent matters out of hours contact Security 01603 592352

  • Email:

  • Location: The Lodge