Planning a BBQ Planning a BBQ

A BBQ for 12 or less students can be booked by completing the form below.  On weekdays you will usually have a response within 48 hours. The system is simple, tried and tested and helps to ensure all students have the opportunity to enjoy the fixed BBQ’s by the Broad.

All BBQ’s for more than 12 people, whether friends, clubs and societies or schools must complete an Event Permissions Form and fill out a Risk Assessment. Student based BBQ’s have to be checked, approved and signed by the Student Union before submitting to Open Space Events. Schools should submit their application straight to Open Space Events. 

Full Terms and Conditions are listed below, these are essential for safety of your guests and other campus users. It is your responsibility to adhere to these and as the Event Booker you automatically assume responsibility.

There are 9 BBQ stands, please choose your preferred location, we will try and offer you your first choice but will select an alternative if it is unavailable. Please do check which BBQ you have been allocated and take a copy of your confirmation email on the day.

This system is not automated, it is managed by the Open Space Team who work Monday-Friday, office hours only. Late requests can be made in person to security who will allocate any remaining BBQ’s on a first come first served basis.

BBQ Plot Map BBQ Plot Map

Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions

Planning a BBQ with 12 or less attendees Planning a BBQ with 12 or less attendees

Planning A BBQ with more than 12 attendees Planning A BBQ with more than 12 attendees

Data Protection Policy Data Protection Policy

By submitting this form you will be sharing some of your personal data with the University of East Anglia, and we are required by law to look after your information, and help you understand how it will be used.

For further information please see here.