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All approved BBQ requests must adhere to the Terms and Conditions as explained above. Campus Security have the authority to shut down a BBQ considered to be in breach of the Terms and Conditions.

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Planning other activities on campus Planning other activities on campus


The University has a number of fixed BBQs on campus which are located by the UEA Broad, these are for the use of UEA staff and students. The BBQs can be booked through Open Space Events.

BBQ requests from external or non-UEA parties will not be permitted.

Using a fixed BBQ:

When using a fixed BBQ, always follow the requirements listed below:

  • Loose charcoal must be used not disposable BBQs
  • All BBQs must be cleaned prior to use
  • Coals must be safely disposed of and hot ash should never be put into a bin
  • The BBQ must be booked through the Open Space team prior to use

BBQ Bookings

BBQ booking request for UEA students or staff for 12 or less attendees can be made using the online booking form below.  In most cases, your request will automatically be processed and no additional paperwork will be required to be completed. A confirmation email will be sent to you confirming your booking. A copy of this email should be taken with you to the event in the case that Security wish to check your booking.

BBQ Events

BBQ booking request for more than 12 attendees will be classed as an Event and must be made as an event application by a Student Club or Society or UEA School or Department. 

BBQ Event Permission Form and BBQ Event Risk Assessment Form, along with any other necessary supporting documentation (certificates/insurances etc.) shoudl be completed.  These documents are necessary to capture specific information relating to your BBQ, and should provide as much detail as possible, to ensure that we fully understand each event.

Any planned events on the Campus that include the use of a BBQ and any of the following criteria, must be agreed by the Head of Campus Support before it can go ahead.

  • Booking by UEA Society / Club / School
  • The use of inflatables, gazebos or other entertainment such as live or recorded music
  • Provision and cooking of food by Event Organisers (food hygiene certificates required)
  • Free standing BBQs
  • Any activity which could cause disruption to UEA users

Propane and other gas fuelled BBQs are prohibited.

Any free standing BBQs must be sited as close to the fixed type as possible.

You will be contacted by the Open Space team should we require any further information about your BBQ Booking and if any additional documentation may need to be completed.

BBQ Events Permission Request Form

BBQ Risk Assessment Form

How do I book my BBQ?

The first step for all BBQ booking requests is to complete the BBQ booking form below.

  • Choose a suitable BBQ location from the BBQ plot map
  • Complete the BBQ booking form and submit your application
  • The Open Space Team will be in touch with you by return

The Open Space team work 08:00-17:00 Monday-Friday so if you are planning a BBQ outside of these hours you will need to book in advance.  Last minute BBQ bookings for the weekend or on Bank Holidays can be made by visiting the security team in The Lodge.

The BBQs are open to the elements and are likely to require cleaning before use. BBQs are extremely popular during the warmer months and are booked on a first-come first-served basis. Email confirmation will be sent to you confirming the BBQ plot number, booking date and time.

Any event found not to be complying with these requirements, including the BBQ usage terms and conditions, will be shut down by the Security Deputy Manager.

Please note: BBQ bookings will not be accepted outside daylight hours.

BBQ Terms and Conditions BBQ Terms and Conditions

  • No vehicles are permitted on ANY grounds area.
  • Instant BBQs are not permitted on the grass ever. The heat will kill the turf so that nothing will grow for many months.
  • Clearing away litter is the responsibility of the person booking the BBQ. We do not provide bins. A charge will be made for any litter that the Grounds Team have to clear away following your BBQ booking.
  • Cleaning the BBQ grill is the responsibility of the person booking the BBQ. All BBQs should be cleaned and cleared before the end of the booked time slot ready for the next users.
  • If a BBQ or BBQ area is found in an unclean/messy state upon arrival, or you will no longer be using the BBQ, you must notify The Lodge (01603 592352) immediately to avoid being charged, as any mess found or reported at the end of your booking slot will be charged to you.
  • Barbecue and cleaning equipment is not supplied.
  • As the responsible person, you must give consideration to all safety aspects of the event and are responsible for the site being left in the state it was found.
  • The University does not take any responsibility for food cooked or provided at BBQs on campus.
  • The University does not take any responsibility for harm caused to persons attending the BBQ.
  • Any alcohol for consumption MUST be given to guests and NOT re-sold to them.
  • Noise levels MUST be kept below 80Db. (the equivalent of a loud lawn mower)
  • Barbecue sites MUST be cleared by 23:00 hrs.
  • If any of these guidelines are breached, the Duty Security Team leader is empowered to shut down the event and ask participants to leave.

Data Protection Policy Data Protection Policy

By submitting this form you will be sharing some of your personal data with the University of East Anglia, and we are required by law to look after your information, and help you understand how it will be used.

For further information please see here.