The Services We Deliver The Services We Deliver

Cleaning is provided to both academic and residential buildings throughout the day. In academic buildings scheduled cleaning is mostly carried out between between 6:00AM and 10:30AM. A small number of buildings are cleaned during the evening (ZICER, Catering, Nursery).

Residential cleaning is carried out between 9:00AM and 13:30PM Monday to Friday. This includes the cleaning of kitchens, student shower rooms and general areas.  The site team remove waste from residential kitchens and assist students with recyclable materials between 6:00AM and 11:00AM.

Mobile cleaning teams check common areas and replenish consumables in washroom facilities throughout the day Monday to Friday.

Cleaning Team

Our Response Times Our Response Times

General enquiries and further information can be requested via the Facilities Support Office on 01603 592623 Monday to Friday between 8:30AM and 16:30PM.

Requests for emergency cleaning are to be directed to the Estates Helpdesk. There is no specific response time, each situation will be assessed and dealt with as appropriate.

Contact the Estates Helpdesk

Special cleaning requests Special cleaning requests

Special requests for cleaning at weekends in academic buildings can be made to Joanne Woodrow. Please note that special requests for cleaning may be chargeable to the requesting department.

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