Read through your role doc below Read through your role doc below

If you're in the Tours Team please read all of the following:

Then, find your role below and click on your specific briefing docs.

Campus Tours Desk

Please read through the Campus Tours Desk briefing and also look through the other Tours role briefings below to familiarize yourself with the tours that you will be supporting on the day.

Campus/Accommodation/Village Tours

Please read the Tours briefing and the Accommodation Info, then find your specific tour information below:

Campus Tour Route

Blue Accommodation Tour Route

Green Accommodation Tour Route

Orange Accommodation Tour Route


Sportspark Tours Team

Please can you read through the Sportspark Tours Briefing and the Sportspark Route Information

Library Tours Team

Please read through the Library Tours Team Briefing and the Library Tour Information

Info Point Team

Please read through the Info Point Team Briefing and Gazebo Instructions. If you have been designated as Info Point Team Lead then please also read Info Point Team Lead Briefing.

Accommodation Team

Please read through the following documents: 

Accommodation Team Briefing

Accommodation Useful Info

Accommodation Price List


Finally, you all need to know where accommodation is: