Visiting Exchange Students Visiting Exchange Students

Visiting and Exchange students starting courses in September should apply for accommodation in May/June, as most offers will be sent out in June/July.

Spring Semester Students

Spring semester students should apply in November and can expect a room offer in early December.

If you are coming to study a full calendar year at UEA, you will initially sign for the Spring semester and will usually be contacted after Easter about Autumn semester accommodation. You will pay both the Spring semester rate and the Autumn semester rate (which also includes the yearly price increase on 1 August). You will have the option of applying for a room for the summer vacation at the standard nightly rate.

erasmus students erasmus students

If you are coming to UEA as an Erasmus student, you will not be guaranteed accommodation but you may still apply. Applications for January arrivals should be submitted in November.

How to apply for UEA accommodation How to apply for UEA accommodation

With the exception of Dickinson and IFSA Butler students who do not need to apply, you should apply using the undergraduate accommodation application form. You will be given a range of options to rank in order of preference (please complete all options). Please note that the 'twin room to share' and ‘two bedroom unit’ (limited availability) options are only available to full year students.

If you have any special requests please add details in the special requirements box on the form or email us directly. If you want to share with a particular student, include their name and student number on the form and make sure that they put your name and number on their form.

If you are coming to UEA for the Autumn semester or Spring semester only, you will have a special Autumn or Spring semester accommodation licence. You should be aware that the nightly rate of accommodation is higher than the standard nightly rate.



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