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Office 365 update

A programme of development (both face to face and online) has been planned for Office 365 training. Office 365 offers many features and represents a significant change in the way UEA staff will work in future. Material is currently being trialled and our development plan will encompass these numerous features.  However, we are adjusting our plans and working with ITCS to prioritise training in Office 365 file sharing over the coming months to meet anticipated demand, resulting from recent changes in UEA policy.  Additional sessions have been scheduled, and we are offering a mix of short briefings and longer practical lab-based training.  Unfortunately, this means that other courses have had to be postponed until next year.  We apologise for the inconvenience.

In nominating staff to attend Office 365 file sharing briefings and training sessions, we recommend that managers give priority to staff who are highly confident in the use of IT and agile at picking up new ways of working quickly.  These individuals can lead on good practice and support their colleagues in learning how to get the best out of file sharing with Office 365.

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