Quarterly First Aid Refresher Sessions Quarterly First Aid Refresher Sessions

University Safety Services ran their initial First Aid Refresher Session on the subject of CPR. 

All UEA First Aiders were given the opportunity to practice their CPR skills under the expert tuition of Lynne Meale (a local First Aid Trainer).  Staff were reminded of the basics of CPR and of the UEA's internal process (call 999 then call the UEA emergency number 2222).

Practicing CPR techniques



The UEA now runs refresher training for its First Aiders once a quarter to keep their understanding of basic First Aid fresh and up to date.


The feedback from the first session was very positive, with one First Aider saying:

"Having small 25 minute refresher sessions every 3 months is a fantastic way to practice elements of first aid and build confidence in first aid skills, without having too much impact on the working day"


Link to Lifesaver interactive module


If you are interested in learning a little about First Aid you can try this interactive game.  It covers the basic actions you should take in an emergency and is useful for beginners and experts alike.  Alternatively, you can speak to your Line Manager about becoming a UEA First Aider.


Thank you for attending and a big thank you to all our UEA First Aiders.

If you are interested in becoming a UEA First Aider, or have any questions on attending a course, then please contact Safety Services training