Accident and Incident Report Forms Accident and Incident Report Forms

Accident Report Form

If there has been an incident that has resulted in someone being injured, please complete an Accident Report Form:


All Staff in the Estates Division

If you are a member of staff in the Estates and Building Division, you may use the online site to report work related accidents, just click on the link below:

Note: this electronic system is still in testing and should not be used by people who are not in the Estates Division.


Hazardous Incident (Near-miss) Report Form

If there has been an incident that did not result in an injury, ill-health or property loss / damage, but it could have (i.e. a near miss), or; property damage / loss has occured, please complete a Hazardous Incident Form:


Environmental Incidents

If any incident has caused or has the potential to cause environmental damage, please also report this under the Environmental Incident Report Form.


Accident and Hazardous Incident Investigations

Please visit the Investigations page to learn more.



If you have any queries about this Safety Subject or require additional resources, please contact University Safety Services.


Last Updated: November 2018

Legal Legal

University's Arrangements for Reporting

The following document describes the arrangements for reporting accidents and incidents, and describes the legal responsibilities for doing so:

National Legislation and Guidance

The following document is Crown Copyright and is obtained via the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) website. Other legislation is also available from this link.