Suggestions for self-help books Suggestions for self-help books

There are many useful self-help books available and a list of recommended reading is provided below. For ease of reference the books have been listed under a number of headings.

This list of useful books in pdf. format is also available.

Breaking Free - Help for survivors of child sexual abuse - Carolyn Ainscough & Kay Toon
Overcoming Childhood Trauma - Helen Kennerley
Rescuing the Inner Child - Penny Parks
Victims No Longer - Mike Lew

Alcohol and Drugs
Controlling your Drinking - William R. Miller & Ricordo F. Minoz
Drinkwatchers Handbook - Rusef Ruzek
Easy Ways to Control Alcohol - Allen Carr

Managing Anger - Gael Lindenfield
Overcoming Anger and Irritability - William Davies

Anxiety and Depression
Beyond Fear - Dorothy Rowe
Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway - Susan Jeffers
Managing Anxiety - Goeff Tomlinson
Overcoming Anxiety - Helen Kennerley
Overcoming Panic - Derrick Silove & Vijaya Manicavasagar
Overcoming Social Anxiety and Shyness - Gillian Butler
The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook - Edmund Bourne
The Feeling Good Handbook - D. Burns
The Nervous Person's Companion - Kenneth Hambly
Understanding Panic Attacks and Overcoming Fear - Dr Roger Baker
Self Help For Your Nerves - C. Weeks

A Woman in Your Own Right - Anne Dickson
Assert Yourself - Gael Lindenfield

Living When a Loved One Has Died - Earl A. Grollman

Confidence and Self Esteem
Overcoming Low Self Esteem - Melanie Fennell
Self Esteem - Matthew McKay & Patrick Fanning
60 Tips for Self Esteem- Linda Field
Gael Lindenfield's Self-Esteem Bible: Build Your Confidence Day by Day - Gael Lindenfield
Super Confidence - Gael Lindenfield
The Little Book of Confidence - Susan Jeffers
The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence - Anthony Robert
Women and Self Esteem - Linda Tschirhart & Mary Ellen Donovan
Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway - Susan Jeffers

Depression, The Way Out of Your Prison - Dorothy Rowe
Depressive Illness: the curse of the strong - Tim Cantopher
Feeling Good - The New Mood Therapy - David Burns
Overcoming Depression - Paul Gilbert
60 Ways to Feel Amazing - Linda Field

Eating Disorders
Anorexia Nervosa: A survival guide for families, friends & sufferers - Janet Treasure
Anorexia Nervosa: The wish to change - A.H.Crisp
Eating Your Heart Out - Julia Buckroyd
Getting Better Bit(e) by Bit(e) - Ulrike Schmidt & Janet Treasure
On Eating - Susie Orbach
Overcoming Anorexia Nervosa - Christopher Freeman
Overcoming Binge Eating - Dr Christopher Fairburn
The Anorexic Experience - Marilyn Lawrence

General Books
Emotional Intelligence - Daniel Goleman
Going To Pieces Without Falling Apart - Mark Epstein
How To Start A Conversation And Make Friends - Don Gabor
I Don't Know What To Say - Robert Buckman
Life Coaching - Michael Neenan & Windy Dryden
Manage Your Mind - The Mental Fitness Guide - G. Butler & T. Hope
Mind Over Mood - Dennis Greenberger & Christine Padesky
The Road Less Travelled - M. Scott Peck

Mood Swings
Overcoming Mood Swings - Jan Scott

Self Harm
The Hurt Yourself Less Workbook - National Self Harm Network

A Stranger In The Family - Terry Sanderson
Assertively Gay: How To Build Gay Self Esteem - Terry Sanderson
Family Outing - Chastity Bono
Gay Sex: A Manual For Men Who Love Men - Jack Hart
The Mirror Within - Anne Dickson

The Worry Cure: Stop Worrying and Start Living - Robert L. Leahy
The Stress Check- C. Cooper
Stress Management: A Comprehensive Guide to Your Well-Being - E. Charlesworth

Study Issues
Coping With Stress At University, A Survival Guide - Stephen Palmer & Angela Puri
The Good Study Guide - Andrew Nortledge
How To Get A PhD - Estelle M. Phillips & D. S. Puch
Isn't It About Time?: How To Overcome Procrastination and Get on With Your Life - Andrea Perry
Just Do It Now - Gael Lindenfield
Passing Exams Without Anxiety - David Acres
Successful Exam Technique - David Cocker
When Perfect Isn't Good Enough - Martin Anthony & Richard Swinson