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Student Led Peer Support Initiatives

Other peer support groups can be seen on UEA Student Union website under peer support group.

UEA Services

Union Advice Centre

Based in Union House, the Advice Centre has a wide range of leaflets which you can take away as well as advice workers who you can speak to. The advice workers are fully trained and have extensive knowledge and experience, and are independent from the university. Areas covered by the Centre include legal and financial advice, benefits, debt counselling, housing and academic advice and appeals. Appointments can be booked by phone (01603 593463) or online.


Nightline is a confidential listening and information service, run by students for students. During term time it is open from 20.00 to 08.00. During these hours you can Nightline through their anonymous Instant Message service, by phone (01603 597158), by text, by email or by Skype.  More information on how to do this is available through their website.  Nightline is there to listen to anything you need to talk about, throughout the night.

Student Services

The Student Services provides advice and support to individual students and student groups. Although students can approach the Office for support in any area, issues frequently raised include accommodation welfare, disability services, inclduing mental health and specific learning difficulties, financial aid, international student support and learning skills development.

The University Medical Services

The University Medical Service is situated on University Drive by the exit to Bluebell Road. The website offers information on how to register and services available. There is also general information and links to websites concerned with aspects of health and welfare that may be helpful to all students and staff.

The Multifaith Centre

The Multifaith Centre is situated in the middle of the Campus (on The Square) and provides a centre for much of the spiritual and religious life of the University. It is also a location for many social activities. It often acts as a meeting place and it is open for everyone at UEA.

Staff Harassment Adviser Network

The Staff Harassment Adviser Network website provides details of the University's policy on staff harassment, a list of advisers and other useful links and details. Students experiencing harassment should contact the Student Support Service.