Our support and advice is confidential Our support and advice is confidential

The Wellbeing Service aims to provide everyday support and advice to students about Wellbeing and Mental Health issues.  Please note, this is not a crisis service.  If you have immediate concerns about your wellbeing or mental health follow the link to the crisis information.

For details of the UEA Mental Health policy, click here.

The Wellbeing (Mental Health) team

Our team of Wellbeing Advisers offer support to students with diagnosed or emerging mental health conditions.  The service provides support for current and intercalating students who require confidential support related to their wellbeing needs. The team will also ensure that necessary reasonable adjustments are made for students who have mental health conditions.  Our Advisers are all experienced mental health professionals who will provide advice, support and guidance regarding any concerns you may have about your own, or a friend’s mental health/wellbeing. The team offers brief and focused interventions that include 1-1 sessions, groups and workshops.

We see students and applicants who have diagnosed and emerging mental health problems and wellbeing issues, including addictions, trauma, and personality disorders. We provide confidential advice, guidance, and information, as well as short term support. Confidential one-to-one counselling is also available from the counselling team.  Students who want to talk through personal issues on a regular basis may be referred to this service. 

If you need to speak to someone URGENTLY about your mental health or someone you are concerned about, do not delay in seeking help. Contact your medical centre or attend the Accident and Emergency department at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

Students requiring information on accessing the Disabled Students Allowance are recommended to our Disability Service website. You will also find information there relating to examination concessions.

Groups and Workshops

Details of all wellbeing groups and workshops can be found here.