Temporary Mobility Difficulties Temporary Mobility Difficulties

If you are temporarily disabled by an accident or illness current students can seek assistance from the Student Support Service if necessary.


If you are living in campus accommodation and your accident or illness makes it difficult, or impossible, for you to access your flat and room, then you should contact the accommodation office to explain your situation and your current accommodation needs.

Getting around the University

The Student Support Service has two mobility scooters and a wheelchair that are available on loan for students who have difficulty getting around campus. Please contact studentsupport@uea.ac.uk or phone 01603 592761 to enquire about availability.

If your illness or disability means that you cannot use stairs to evacuate buildings in the event of an emergency, you will need to have a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan drawn up by the University Fire Safety Officer. Further information is available on the Safety Services website.

Getting to and from the University

If you live off campus assistance may be provided to help you to get in to the University for your classes.

If you live on a bus route, you are expected to use public transport unless your illness or accident means that you cannot get to the bus stop.

If you have someone who can drive you to and from campus, you can apply for a temporary parking permit to allow them to park. Please see the Travel and Transport website for the application details. Medical evidence of need or confirmation by the Student Support Service of the validity of the request will be required.

If you cannot get to campus by bus or car, then please e-mail disability@uea.ac.uk for further advice.

Personal Care

Please be aware that if your illness or injury means you cannot independently, or with the help of friends or family, manage the tasks of daily life such as cooking and washing, we are unable to provide support to assist you.

Support for study and examination arrangements

if you need short-term additional assistance with study activities, such as note taking, or if your injury will affect your ability to sit your examinations under standard conditions, please contact disability@uea.ac.uk or phone 01603 592761 to make an appointment to meet with a Disability Adviser.