Submitting forms for extenuating circumstances Submitting forms for extenuating circumstances

If you think that symptoms related to your disability, mental health difficulty or specific learning difficulty have affected your studies over the year, an assignment or assignments or your examinations, you may decide to submit an extenuating circumstances request.

You can do this via the Report an Extenuating Circumstances task on eVision.

Further guidance and informaiton can be found on the Extenuating Circumstances pages.


A Wellbeing Adviser or a Clinician might be able to provide support for your application if they have seen or been in correspondence with you around the time that the circumstances you are reporting occurred.

Please be aware that disability, specific learning difficulty and mental health difficulty are not, in themselves, sufficient bases for extenuating circumstances requests but events and circumstances which exacerbate symptoms or adversely affect your Wellbeing are relevant to a submission.