Irlen Syndrome and Visual Stress Irlen Syndrome and Visual Stress

Quite often a difficulty with reading can be made worse by a white background to the text. This difficulty is often referred to as Irlen Syndrome or visual stress.

There are several things you can do to reduce the impact of this condition:

  • Lined paper with a coloured background is available from the Union Shop.
  • For your computer reading, the background of both Office applications and Internet Explorer can be changed on a Windows device, demonstrated in this SpLD video
  • For general reading tinted lenses for glasses can achieve the same effect. These tints can also be applied to prescription lenses for those who already need glasses for reading. Sometimes these tinted glasses can be funded through the Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA)

Colour assessment centres in Norwich Colour assessment centres in Norwich

Even if your DSA will fund your tinted lenses, you will still need to pay for the initial 'Colorimetry Assessment' yourself, and send this assessment to your DSA funding body (SFE or the NHS in most cases). The following opticians in Norwich can provide the assessment:

Clarity Colorimetry

Location: Indigo Dyslexia Centre, Central Norwich
Colorimetry Assessment Cost: £35
Contact: Ruth Codling, 07825 687647 or 01603 766761

Coe, Costa and Moore

Location: Hellesdon
Colorimetry Assessment Cost: £45