Disabled Students' Allowance and related questions Disabled Students' Allowance and related questions

How do I apply for DSAs to fund my support needs?

Individual tutorial support, study skills courses, equipment for supporting dyslexia and extra expenses you may have because of your learning difficulties can be funded by Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) if you are a home student.

Most full-time and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible for DSAs. The Dyslexia Tutor can advise on the process of applying for DSA.

How can I meet the cost of support if I'm not eligible for DSAs?

Students who are not eligible for DSAs can apply to the University for financial help. An application form will be given to you when you register with the Dyslexia Service.

How do I get a re-assessment by an Educational Psychologist?

If your assessment for dyslexia was carried out before your sixteenth birthday you are likely to need a re-assessment. Evidence can support a request for individual examination arrangements and your application for DSAs. Educational psychologists carry out re-assessments on campus. You will need to see a Dyslexia Tutor first and then an appointment will be made for you.

The cost of re-assessment (from £320) is not met from DSAs, but if paying this yourself will cause you financial difficulty, you may apply to the University for financial help.

Please keep the appointment – we reserve the right to make a charge if you break an appointment without 24 hours' notice and this will not be covered by any financial help from the University.