initial SpLD assessment initial SpLD assessment

If you think you might have dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD or an autism spectrum condition including Asperger Syndrome, or maybe your Academic Adviser, Tutor or friend has suggested this, you can use the forms on this page to apply for a screening appointment.

If you already have an assessment report for a specific learning difficulty, you may not need a screening or new assessment. If so then send your report to us at


To apply for a screening please complete the pre-screening triage form. If the form indicates you should, please also complete checklist 2.

You can return your form/s by e-mail to or in hard copy to the reception at the Student Services Student Life Centre which can be found in LSB (room 0.20).


If you have queries or concerns after completing the form/s and wish to discuss these with a Disability Adviser, please call 01603 592761 or drop in to the reception at the Student Services Student Life Centre which can be found in LSB (room 0.20), to make an appointment.


While you are waiting for your appointment, do please have a look at the resources, workshops and individual appointments available from the Learning Enhancement Team.


How we use your information

By submitting this form you will be sharing some of your personal data with the University of East Anglia, and we are required by law to look after your information, and help you understand how it will be used.

Firstly, any personal data collected in this form will only be used by the University for the purpose described in the form itself. The form will also explain our grounds (or ‘lawful basis’) for requiring you to provide the information. Furthermore, if you are providing your information because of a statutory or contractual requirement or obligation, we will include in the form any possible consequences of failing to provide the personal data. 

We will use the information you have provided for as long as required for the purpose, and always in accordance with the University’s records retention policies. We will securely destroy or fully anonymise your information when it is no longer needed. 

We will not share your information with any third parties unless this is required for the purpose explained in the form, or unless required by law.

Depending on the purpose, you are likely to have choice and control over how we use the personal data you have submitted in this form. UK data protection law gives you rights, which are explained here. We have also published further general information on how your personal data will be used

If you have any comments or concerns about the way your personal data is collected or used in this instance, please contact, including any information which will allow us to identify the specific form you’ve accessed.