Extra time and other concessions Extra time and other concessions

All students who provide an up-to-date assessment of Dyslexia, or a diagnosis of Dyspraxia or AD(H)D are eligible for extra time in timed tests and exams with a substantial amount of reading or writing. The extra time awarded will be determined by the diagnostic report you provide us with (e.g. Educational Psychologist's report or other medical evidence). The university will also put in place other concessions such as Reader, Scribe, use of a PC, or coloured paper for exam script and answer booklet, if these concessions are supported in your diagnostic report.

Some concessions are also available within OSCE practical assessments for health related courses (MED and NSC), and students are advised to discuss these with their schools.

Examination concessions and the conduct of examinations Examination concessions and the conduct of examinations

Information about the conduct of examinations can be found in sections 20, 21 and 22 of the General Regulations for Students. You should note that all students are allowed to leave the exam room to use the toilet (taking their Campus ID card with them).

If you are ill or there is another adverse event that may affect your examination performance you are advised to sit the examination or course test and report the circumstances to your Learning and Teaching Hub. If you are too ill to attend an examination or become ill during an examination you must go to the University Medical Centre on the day of the examination or, if too ill to do so, immediately inform the Medical Centre so that verification of you condition can be provided.

In the case of both of the above cases you should submit an extenuating circumstances request form.  

Applying for exam concessions Applying for exam concessions

We do not automatically apply examination concessions provided for earlier study (e.g. A level or prior University study) to your University examinations and course tests.

If we have evidence from you (Doctor's letter, Educational Psychologist assessment, Study Needs Assessment Report) that clearly specifies the concession required and the reasons for it and an agreement that we can share confidential information, we will make an application on your behalf to the Assessment and Quality Office for the concessions stated in the evidence.

If your evidence does not state the concessions required, then you should make an appointment with a Disability or Mental Health Adviser (01603 592761) to discuss examinations and we will apply for reasonable concessions based on our discussions.

What happens next What happens next

You will receive an e-mail from the Assessment and Quality Office that tells you what your approved concession is and whether this is for the duration of your course or for one year only. You should save this e-mail in a safe place.

If your condition changes, we can review your examination concessions and make a further application to the Assessment and Quality Office. We can also review if the concession applied does not appear to adequately address your needs.

Preparing for examinations Preparing for examinations

The Learning and Teaching service have an archive of past papers on their webpages.

The Learning Enhancement Team including specialist SpLD tutors offer group and individual support for revision and exam techniques together with online materials to help you.

You can also meet with your Disability or Mental Health Adviser for guidance on management of examinations. Call 01603 592761 for an appointment.