Appointments and other options Appointments and other options

Waiting time

We try to help you as quickly as possible.  However, because many students refer themselves, particularly at the beginning of the academic year, it is possible that you may have to wait for an appointment to see a Dyslexia Tutor.  Please remember that if you cannot get an immediate appointment and are worried about the possible consequences for you and your work, one of the Learning Enhancement Tutors may be able to help during the waiting period. 

Similarly, there may be a delay before an Educational Psychologist can offer you an appointment.  Everyone concerned works as hard as possible to cut waiting time to a minimum. Sometimes we prioritise the needs of students who are nearing the end of their courses.  At other times it is possible to offer you an appointment at short notice because of a cancellation.  Please let us know if there are special reasons which you feel put you in a priority category.  If you have been referred for assessment, you can book one-to-one tutorial sessions with a Dyslexia Tutor whilst you are waiting to see the Educational Psychologist.

Alternative provision

Most students feel that diagnostic assessments and tutorial support are best provided by staff who understand UEA's academic programs and regulations.  However, you are entitled to seek assessment or receive dyslexia support from any other convenient provider.

The Indigo Dyslexia Centre in the Charing Cross Centre in Norwich can arrange both diagnostic assessments and tutorial support. Assessments can also be carried out by Dyslexia Action at one of their centres around the country.