Inform us of your specific accommodation requirements Inform us of your specific accommodation requirements

Applicants and students who have specific requirements for campus accommodation (e.g. en suite and wet rooms, facilities for hearing impairment, ‘allergy rooms', fridge for medications) should send evidence of their disability or medical condition to and arrange to discuss their requirements with a Disability or Mental Health Adviser.

We will arrange for you to view accommodation options and also liaise with Social Workers and Occupational Therapists about provision for those who may need to bring along additional equipment and/or require further adaptations to rooms.

If your disability precludes you from living off campus after year 1 of your course, you can apply to stay on campus for subsequent years. An email and application form is sent to all students who have declared a disability during semester 2. Applications usually have to be submitted to the Accommodation Office by the last day of Semester 2 and you will be notified of the University's decision over the Easter vacation period.