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Before You Arrive

Be Prepared... Be Prepared...

Five things to do if you need support whilst studying at UEA:

1. Complete the Information and Disclosure Form (all applicants) and return to  to enable us to share relevant information with colleagues so that we can advise them on any reasonable adjustments you need.


2. If you have a condition that means you may experience a seizure, anaphylaxis, hypo- or hyperglycaemia or other adverse event, then please complete our Notification of medical condition (if relevant to you) form and return it to


3. Email us up-to-date evidence of your disability or condition so we can start to plan support for you. Note: please do not send originals of your evidence as we will not be able to return them - electronic copies or photocopies are all we need.


4. If you are a UK student and you have not already done so, you could apply for a Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA). This allowance will provide you with a wide range of additional support available for students with disabilities.

You will find a useful video guide to application for the Disabled Students’ Allowance at You Tube Applying for Disabled Students’ Allowances 2019/20.

Students in receipt of Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish funding could apply for DSA through SAAS, SF Wales or SF NI respectively.

If you are an EU or International Student, please contact us for a preliminary assessment of support need. We will meet to make a full assessment after your arrival at UEA.

If you are a Research student you will still be eligible for support however the funding route for this may vary.  Please contact Student Services to discuss further.


5. UEA offers the opportunity to move into campus accommodation before the main Home student Arrivals weekend. If you would like to avoid the peak time, and get settled in during a quieter time, please email to indicate this preference.

Disability Liaison Officers



Study Needs Assessments (DSA)