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The aim of the Disability Service (and the wider Student Support Service) is to assist students so that they are able to realise their potential, participate fully in university life and be well prepared for their future.  These pages provide a guide to the services offered to disabled students and those seeking assessment for specific learning difficulties.  

Our services are available to all students who have a condition that has a 'substantial adverse effect on the conduct of daily life' ('disability' as defined by the Equality Act 2010).  In the university context this includes reading, writing, attendance at lectures, taking exams, making notes, working in groups, giving presentations and so forth. We also support students prior to diagnosis.

Information about accessing a wellbeing advisory appointment or advice can be found on the main wellbeing page.

Initial appointments are about 30 minutes and subsequent appointments will be made according to need.

Click here for the details of the Disability Liaison Officers (DLOs) for 2017/18. DLOs are academics in your schools of study and can help you with matters related to your course and effects of disability or specific learning difficulty.

Click here to read the personal experience of one of our students.

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