Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a DBS check I have from elsewhere for my course at the UEA?

If your existing DBS check is registered with the DBS Update Service, then there is a good chance that we will be able to use that instead of processing a new check through the UEA. Please email about this, and we will be able to explain that process to you. If your existing certificate is not registered with the Update Service, then we will need to do a new check through the UEA. This is to fulfil the contractual requirements the UEA has with its placement partners.

I have not received any emails to begin/continue my DBS application.

Please email to notify us of this. Be aware that any emails from the University could be incorrectly sent to your SPAM/JUNK folder, especially for non-UEA email accounts.

I do not have a document that confirms my current address. What can I do?

Please email for guidance on what steps you should take in this circumstance. As per government regulations, one document must confirm your current UK residence at the time of your application, even if this is your term-time residence.

I do not have a 'Group 1' document. What can I do?

Please email to discuss your options. Of the limited application routes available for a DBS check, the easiest and simplest requires a 'Group 1' document. There are alternatives, but they are time consuming; especially to anyone who has lived in multiple addresses or outside of the UK.

My name has changed since birth. What documents should/can I use?

All submitted documents must reflect your current legal name. The only exception is your birth certificate, but in this case you must also provide any associated deed polls, marriage certificates, or divorce paperwork so that all official name changes are clear.

My certificate has been issued but has not arrived, what do I do?

Please email first to confirm your application status and to be told your tracking reference number. After that, you must call the DBS on 03000 200 190 to request the certificate's reissue.

What happens if any convictions are shown on my Enhanced DBS Disclosure?

Each school of study has its own policy for dealing with any convictions highlighted in an Enhanced DBS Disclosure. A very limited number of staff are made aware of the results in order for them to make a decision relating to your admission or continuation on the course.