Non-Academic Complaints - Introduction Non-Academic Complaints - Introduction

You should complete this form if you wish to formally raise a concern about matters which are the responsibility of the University, but which do not directly relate to your programme of study, its associated academic facilities nor to an academic result, such as marks.  We take these matters seriously at UEA and our procedure is designed to enable your concerns to be considered fully and action taken to remedy the situation where appropriate.

If the issue you are concerned about relates to your academic results, or any circumstances that you believe may have affected your academic results, you should use the Academic Appeals Procedure available.

If the issue you are concerned about relates to your programme of study or its associated academic facilities you should use the Academic Complaints Procedure available.

Before completing the form and beginning formal procedures, the University strongly encourages you to first attempt to resolve the matter you are concerned about informally.  Support and advice is available from a number of sources - try speaking to your teacher, adviser or supervisor first.  The Student Support Service and/or the Student Union's Advice Centre will also provide good independent advice.  If your attempts do not resolve the issue, then the Complaint, and all supporting documentation, needs to be submitted in a timely manner after the last attempt to resolve things informally was concluded - within 20 working days.

Please note that where the University considers that there is a more appropriate procedure for dealing with your complaint, your complaint will be dealt with in accordance with these alternative procedures (and you will be formally notified of this).

To begin the formal procedure, complete the form as indicated in each section.  If you have any concerns or queries about filling in any part of the form, the people mentioned above will be pleased to discuss these with you.  

To begin a Non-Academic Complaint, please follow this link to the form.