Protect yourself from card fraud Protect yourself from card fraud

The purpose of this web page is to help prevent you from becoming a victim of card fraud.

Top tips

  • Treat your cards like cash and never let them out of your sight.  One in five stolen credit cards are taken from cars.
  • NEVER pass on your PIN or password.
  • Don't leave cards behind a bar.  Someone could copy the details.
  • Check your bank and credit card statements carefully.  If you spot a withdrawal or purchase you don't recognise contact your bank or credit card issuer immediately.
  • Rip up or shred receipts, mini statements and cashpoint slips so card details can't be stolen.
  • If you go abroad, don't take more cards than you need.  Let card issuers know where and when you will be going so that they don't suspect your cards have been stolen and block your account.
  • Have emergency contact numbers to hand so you can cancel lost or stolen cards.
  • Try to memorise your PIN.  If you do have to write it down, don't keep your PIN with your cards.
  • If one of your cards is lost or stolen, call the bank or credit card issuer immediately to cancel them.  Don't even wait to get home.

Further information and advice

The advice in this leaflet is taken from the Student Survival Guide published by the Home Office.  This provides advice to students on how to keep themselves and their possessions safe.  If you have any concerns about safety or security on campus, UEA Security staff will be pleased to advise you.  Security can be contacted in The Lodge or by calling 01603 592352.

August 2018