Budgeting and managing your money as a student Budgeting and managing your money as a student

Due to the way many students are paid (roughly every three months), it may be a case of feast or famine when it comes to having money in one's account. To help you budget effectively, why not try entering the amounts you receive and spend in our monthly cashflow budgeting tool? Another self-help tip is to read your bank statements - they can be an interesting story of how you have spent your time and money.

International students may find the Brightside international student calculator useful in working out how to manage their money and build a budget for living and studying in the UK: https://international.studentcalculator.org

For advice on bank accounts, unfair bank charges, money management and other information visit the Money Advice Service website. Check our article for top money tips.

If you want help on a one-to-one basis, make an appointment to see a Student Life Adviser(Finance).  We are happy to review your situation and help you plan the best way to pay for your essential expenses.