How to contact your Student Services Resident How to contact your Student Services Resident

Duty Student Services Resident

All immediate worries and concerns out-of-hours should be directed to the Student Services Resident (SSR) on call for the area in which a student lives. 

The Duty SSR is available from 6pm to 7am weekdays, and over the entire weekend.


Team Covering Telephone

Norfolk Terrace

Suffolk Terrace

Constable Terrace

07717 888643
Village All village residences 07733 001685

Britten House

Browne House

Kett House

Paston House

Victory House

07721 302813

Colman House

Nelson Court

Orwell and Wolfson Closes

07733 014215
Blackdale & Crome

Barton House

Hickling House

Crome Court

07867 550379


Parish Student Services Resident

Each SSR has a particular responsibility for a number of flats, called a 'Parish'. The Parish SSR may not be available immediately and emails might not be read for 24 hours. If a student needs assistance sooner rather than later they should call the Duty SSR.

Parish SSR contact details can be found on the kitchen posters in your residence.