Wardens Wardens

Wardens work closely with staff in the Student Support Service to deliver high quality advice, guidance and support to students living in residences and to facilitate the development of a well-integrated residential community. Wardens promote the well-being and good order of students in residences by striving to create a positive living environment. Wardens are experienced students; they all have life experience and most already have a first undergraduate degree. They live in individual flats or houses on campus.

On campus and in the Village the Wardens work in teams of five or six and together have oversight of an area of the residences. The areas are:

  • Britten, Browne, Kett, Paston and Victory Houses
  • Colman House, Nelson Court and Orwell & Wolfson Closes
  • Barton & Hickling Houses and Crome Court
  • Norfolk, Suffolk and Constable Terraces
  • The Village

Within their area each Warden has what we call a ‘parish' – a collection of flats, or perhaps a building or block, for which they have particular oversight.

What do Wardens do? What do Wardens do?

Wardens should be your first point of contact for matters related to life in residences (however, matters of safety and security should be reported to Security at the Lodge, and maintenance jobs should be reported to Estates maintenance

When you contact a Warden you can expect that they will: 

  • Listen. Sometimes that is all that is necessary.
  • Advise. They will point you in the right direction, and/or give practical advice on where to go now, or what to do next.
  • Respond. They will actively deal with problems where they can.
  • Keep their cool. Wardens will know what to do when things have gone wrong.
All Wardens have received comprehensive training from the Student Support Service, including the Mental Health First Aid England course, and are a good source of information and advice. You can contact your Warden for a whole range of reasons, for example:
  • You are lonely, homesick or finding it difficult to settle in
  • You are worried about your studies or how the university works
  • You are feeling down and don't know what to do
  • You are concerned about one of the students in your flat and don't know what to do or how to help
  • You are worried that you drink too much
  • There are problems with sharing the kitchen or bathroom
  • You are being disrupted by your flatmate
  • The behaviour of other people towards you is upsetting you
  • Something has happened and you don't know what to do

The Wardens also organise social and sporting activities for the students in their areas.

Wardens and maintaining ‘Good Order' Wardens and maintaining ‘Good Order'

Wardens are expected to use their influence and persuasion to promote good order. If you are having a problem with a noisy neighbour, or your kitchen always looks like a battlefield, then you should contact your Warden. Your complaint will be taken seriously and Warden will do their best to try to resolve the problem. Students will sometimes respond better to a request from an Warden than from another student.

It is part of the Warden's job to report problems to the Student Life Manager in the Student Support Service. Sometimes a student's behaviour has an adverse affect on another student, or the residential community as a whole. The Student Life Manager has the option of referring individual students to the University Disciplinary Officer, who can fine offenders if s/he finds their behaviour has breached the standards of behaviour expected in the University Regulations or Accommodation Licence. In the most extreme cases, a student could be thrown out of residences for persistent offences. Most students referred to the Disciplinary Officer don't cause trouble again.

If you have an immediate worry or concern you should call the Duty Warden for your area. The Duty Warden is available from 6pm to 7am weekdays, and over the entire weekend. 

How can I contact my Warden? How can I contact my Warden?

You can find contact details for the Wardens in the Warden Contact Details section in the left hand navigation menu.