Warden Applications Warden Applications

Warden Applications for 2019/20 are now closed.

The Student Support Service is recruiting enthusiastic, capable and responsible people to join our team of Wardens in 2019.

Wardens work closely with staff in the Student Support Service to deliver high quality advice, guidance and support to students living in residences and to facilitate the development of a well-integrated residential community.

In return for rent-free self-contained accommodation (either a single-person flat, or a two-bedroom flat or family house shared with another Warden) comprising living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, Wardens will:

  • promote the well-being and good order of students in residences and strive to create a positive living environment;
  • play a key role in the welcome and induction of new students and support students' transition from home to university life;
  • provide a duty system which guarantees students can access help and support out-of-hours (approximately one night a week and one weekend every five or six weekends).

It is expected that successful candidates will have demonstrable life/work experience, good communication and organisational skills, the ability to work well within a team, a calm approach to difficult situations and the motivation to contribute pro-actively towards the work of the Student Support Service.

The role of Warden will be rewarding and represents an excellent personal and professional development opportunity for those able to respond to the challenges. Comprehensive induction and in-service training will be provided to the successful applicants.


Please note:

  • Group task assessments and interviews will take place at the University and must be undertaken in person
  • Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by Friday 7 December 2018. If you do not hear from us by this date you can assume your application has been unsuccessful
  • Interviewed applicants will be informed of the outcome of their interview as soon as possible following interview or by Friday 18 January 2019.
  • Warden accommodation is unsuitable for couples or families
  • The appointment is subject to a records check from the Disclosure and Barring Service.


The Role of Warden The Role of Warden

Wardens are an essential part of the University’s provision to enhance the student experience and are an integral part of the University’s network of advice and guidance services for students which is co-ordinated by the Student Support Service.  Wardens live in residences and:

  • play a key role in the welcome and induction of new students

  • support students’ transition from home to university life through positive influence and advice

  • strive to create a positive living environment by explaining the University’s expectations of resident students and attempting to engender a sense of mutual responsibility

  • intervene when necessary, provide effective remedial action, offer solutions, and help minimise the impact of any practical or personal difficulties students may encounter

  • deal with many problems by being willing listeners, or by using mediation and problem-solving skills, or by referring students on as appropriate

  • provide an on-call system which guarantees that students can access help and support out-of-hours and at weekends

  • help create and sustain an integrated residential community acting with a common purpose and sense of shared identity

  • intervene and deal with situations of an anti-social nature as they arise, and try to obtain good order through influence, guidance and persuasion.

Wardens are all individuals and get out of the role what they put in.  There are also many more opportunities to get involved with the wider work of the Student Support Service.

Eligibility and Restrictions Eligibility and Restrictions

Applicants must be registered at UEA in the academic year 2019/20 either as full-time students or, if part-time, be registered on a degree programme (Undergraduate, Master’s or Research) for at least 50% of full-time.  Applications from Registration-only Research students, and MBBS students who will be entering the fifth year in September 2018, will not be accepted unless you have previously been a Warden.  Executive Officers of UEA Student Union are not eligible for appointment.

Applicants who have placements as part of their course should consider carefully whether they can meet both course commitments and the demands of the Warden role, which will involve some daytime activities, seeking advice from their school as necessary.

Warden accommodation is unsuitable for couples or families.

Team Organisation Team Organisation

Wardens are members of the Student Support Service (SSS) and will work in collaboration with SSS staff.  Wardens are organised into five teams of five or six. The teams are managed by the Assistant Head of Life & Learning (Student Life) under the overall guidance of the Head of Student Services.  Regular team meetings are held during term-time and Wardens are well supported in their role.

Each team oversees an area of the residences.  Within the team area each Warden will have particular responsibility for students in a designated group of rooms – called a ‘parish’.

Whilst Wardens are required to live in residences, they have their own studies and private lives to get on with so are not expected to be in their flats 24 hours a day.  To ensure that students are able to access a Warden out-of-hours, each Warden will undertake regular ‘on-call’ periods to provide cover to their team area.

Whilst on-call, Wardens have a responsibility for all matters relating to the well-being and good order of the students in the area covered by their team. Wardens on-call are not expected to stay up all night and can get on with their own lives and go to sleep, the only proviso is that they should answer the duty mobile phone when it rings and be able to deal with enquiries and incidents as required without delay.

In addition to undertaking on-call duty Wardens will spend time pro-actively supporting the residential community by assisting with community development and SSS activities.

Terms of Appointment Terms of Appointment

Wardens will live in residences in or near the area for which they have oversight.  Twenty-three Wardens will live on the main campus, six in the Village, and two at Mary Chapman Court in the city centre.  You can express a preference at interview although we cannot guarantee this will be met.  In return for their work, Wardens:

  • will be given rent-free, furnished and self-contained accommodation comprising: bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom.Depending on the location assigned, Wardens will either have a self-contained single-person flat or a self-contained two-bedroom flat or family house shared with another Warden

  • will be appointed for 40 weeks, from Saturday 7 September 2019 to Saturday 13 June 2020.

Where a Warden is undertaking a course which extends throughout the 2020 summer vacation, they may be able, subject to SSS requirements and previous satisfactory performance, to remain in residences over the vacation in return for undertaking Warden duties.

Training Training

Wardens will receive compulsory comprehensive training in order to equip them with the skills required for the role.  The training will be delivered by members of the Student Support Service in conjunction with external trainers where appropriate.  On-going personal skills development is backed up by in-service training sessions during the year.  As part of a comprehensive package, training will include:

  • the work of the Student Support Service

  • University regulations and policies

  • mental health first aid (MHFA England certified course)

  • physical health first aid

  • alcohol and drug abuse awareness

  • mediation techniques

  • listening and counselling skills

  • cultural awareness and cross-cultural communication.

Time Commitments and Expectations Time Commitments and Expectations

The beginning of the new academic year will be a busy time for Wardens.  Starting in September 2019, and during the first weeks of term, Wardens will:

  • undertake a compulsory training course at the beginning of the appointment (six days over seven from Sunday 8 to Saturday 14 September)
  • assist in the arrival and induction of new resident students (between Wednesday 18 and Sunday 22 September)
  • undertake induction and welcome talks; spend time at the beginning of the new academic year making themselves known; meeting students in residences; recruiting fire wardens and promoting residence community activities (under own direction, between Saturday 21 and Thursday 26 September)
  • undertake individual meetings with new resident students (under own direction, to be completed by Friday 11 October)

As part of the on-going commitment, Wardens will:

  • attend team meetings (one hour every two or three weeks)
  • undertake follow-up meetings with students (variable, approximately four hours per week on average)
  • hold kitchen/flat meetings where necessary (variable hours)
  • undertake ‘on-call duty’ approximately one night a week (6pm to 7am) and one weekend every five or six weekends (by rota).
  • facilitate community social activities in residences (variable)
  • assist with Student Support Service activities (variable hours or by rota).

Wardens are expected to reside in residences and treat their Warden accommodation as their primary residence and should not spend significant amounts of time away during the term, although occasional short absences each semester will normally be possible.  If you need to take time away, this can be agreed with the Assistant Head of Life & Learning (Student Life).

Wardens may be asked to undertake other duties appropriate to their role from time-to-time.

Person Specification Person Specification

We are looking for enthusiastic, capable and sensible people who are willing to learn new things and who seek to challenge themselves.

Essential Attributes:

Education, Experience and Achievements

  • To be undertaking a degree programme (Undergraduate, Master’s or Research) at UEA in the 2018/19 academic year for at least 50% of full-time

  • Relevant experience of paid or voluntary work involving substantial face-to-face contact with people

  • Experience and good understanding of communal living

  • Experience of working in a team

Skills and Knowledge

  • Very good knowledge and understanding of the range of problems experienced by students

  • Understanding of how previous life/work experience might be relevant to the role of Warden

  • Excellent inter-personal and all-round communication skills in the English Language

  • Good organisational skills

  • Good problem solving skills

  • A calm approach to difficult situations

  • Ability to work on own initiative

  • Good instincts, approaches, and insights appropriate to the role

Personal Attributes and Special Circumstances

  • Excellent team working skills

  • Very good commitment to providing a high quality service

  • Self-confidence, credibility, and the ability to command respect

  • Approachable, empathetic, and non-judgmental

  • Trustworthy, discreet, and respectful of confidentiality

  • Flexibility and a willingness to work unsocial hours

  • Satisfactory Disclosure and Barring Service check.

Desirable Attributes:

Education, Experience and Achievements

  • Possess an undergraduate degree at the time of appointment

  • Other experiences outside formal employment or education

  • Experience of working with vulnerable adults or young people (over 14 years of age) either in a paid or unpaid capacity

  • Substantial interaction with people from different countries or cultures.

Making an application Making an application

Applications for 2019/20 are now closed. 

Application documents are available for download below, or can be collected in hard copy from the Student Support Centre.

Please read carefully through the Warden Further Particulars before making your application.

Further Particulars: Assistant Warden Further Particulars
Application Form (MS Word): Assistant Warden Application Form
Application Form (PDF): Assistant Warden Application Form

The application form can be completed electronically by filling in the forms. Alternatively you can print the form and complete the sections by hand.

Please ensure you include an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae as part of your application.

Applications can be sent in the post to:

Dr David Thurkettle
Student Support Centre
University of East Anglia

If you are submitting your application electronically, you should email the documents to wardenreports@uea.ac.uk.

The deadline for all applications to be received is Monday 3 December 2018 at 11:00.

Group Task Assessments and Interviews will be held between Monday 10 December 2018 and Friday 18 January 2019.

Interviewed applicants will be informed of the outcome of their interview as soon as possible after interview or by Friday 18 January 2019.

Frequently asked questions Frequently asked questions

If you are thinking about applying to be a Warden, please ensure you have read the Further Particulars. You might also take some time to read the Frequently Asked Questions below.


I am studying abroad during the 2018 academic year and wish to make a deferred application for 2019. When should I apply?

You should ordinarily apply in the Spring/Summer application round in the year before you go on Study Abroad and indicate on the application form the year for which you are applying.  If you are abroad in 2018 and wish to apply to be an Warden in 2019, you should apply in the Spring/Summer 2018 round of applications.

Am I eligible?

Applicants must in September 2018 be registered at UEA either as full-time students or if part-time be registered on a degree programme (Undergraduate, Master's, or Research) for at least 50% of full-time. Registration-only students are not normally eligible except in exceptional circumstances and Executive Officers of the Students' Union are not eligible.

I am an International Student on a Tier 4 visa, can I apply?

Yes you can, but remember that you are restricted to working no more than 20 hours a week during term-time.  If you undertake any other work - paid or unpaid - in addition to the Warden role, there is a possibility that you may unlawfully go over your work time limit.  You will discuss your working time with the Student Services Co-ordinator if you are offered a role.


I have applied before but have been unsuccessful, can I re-apply?

Yes you can, however, consider carefully what the weaknesses of your previous application may have been and attempt to address them.  If your weakness was lack of life/work experience and neither of these have increased since your previous application, you are unlikely to be successful in your re-application.

Do you keep a reserve list?

Yes.  In every application round we have in mind the number of vacancies we are certain we will need to fill for the following academic year and we will make offers accordingly.  However, we know from experience that the number of vacancies is likely to rise over the remainder of the academic year because of changes in people's circumstances.  Therefore we will offer to keep in reserve those candidates to whom we would have made an offer if we had space at the time.

I am a Medical Student, do any conditions apply?

No special conditions ordinarily apply, however, this year we will not be accepting applications from MBBS students who will be going into their fifth year in September 2018 who have not previously been a Warden.

It is expected that all other MBBS students will have discussed their application with their Head of Year or the MBBS Course Director Prof. Richard Holland prior to making an application. Warden training week often clashes with the beginning of the MBBS teaching year therefore it will be necessary for STS and MED to negotiate authorised absences from both/either course. Prof. Holland must therefore be given advanced warning.  The total number of absences which can be authorised each year for MBBS students is closely controlled and so students whose records show they have missed more than four sessions may find that the School is not able to support their application.

Warden training week clashes with my teaching timetable, what can I do?

The SR training week is compulsory, so it is important that you discuss your application/appointment with your course director in order to re-arrange your teaching or negotiate authorised absences.  In some cases it may be possible to miss some portions of the Warden training subject to you being able to provide evidence of previous training (e.g. Physical First Aid or Mental Health First Aid certificate).

I don't want my adviser/supervisor/head of year to be one of my referees, what do I do?

You should have a good reason not to put your Advisor/Supervisor/Head of Year as your second referee as we expect Wardens to be in good standing with their school (being in 'good standing' with your School is not the same as having good marks; it means that your School doesn't have any concerns regarding your engagement with the course or your conduct towards fellow students and University staff).  It is not unheard of that some students do not know their Advisor or Head of Year very well, in which case you should put down the name of the member of Academic staff who knows you best.

I'm not a current student - who shall I put as my second referee?

If you are not a current student at UEA and have been accepted onto a postgraduate course in September 2018, you should give the name of an equivalent person from your old institution and indicate on your form in which School you will be studying.

I am a registration-only student.  Why am I not eligible?

Applications from registration-only students who have not previously been a Warden are not accepted for a number of reasons. First, feedback from academic staff is that a registration-only student should be concentrating as much effort as possible towards completing and submitting their thesis; the Warden role, which whilst manageable in the ordinary course of a PhD (or any degree for that matter), requires of a new Warden a time commitment that is not suited to the 'final straight' that is the registration-only year; it is only just about manageable for an experienced Warden.  Secondly, registration-only students are ordinarily also spending time writing articles, applying for post-docs and jobs, which, coupled with the pressure to submit, all serve to make the overall workload quite unmanageable, especially if one is new to the post.  Thirdly, from experience, we have found that those registration-only students who have successfully applied for post-docs/jobs are unwilling - for good reason - to continue the Warden contract for the remainder of the academic year and leave the contract early.  This is perfectly understandable; there are no hard feelings and we are happy that they are progressing in their careers, but it does mean that we are short of a full complement of Wardens, putting pressure on the rest of the Warden team members.  We have had registration-only applicants who have given sworn promises that they will complete their Warden contract and will not leave before the end of the academic year, but who have then been offered a post-doc or other position mid-year; I think we all know what choice they, and you, would make!

I have a question that isn't covered here

You are welcome to raise your question with the Assistant Head of Life and Learning (Student Life), either by email (d.thurkettle@uea.ac.uk) or you can book an appointment by calling the Student Support Service reception on 01603 592761.