Full day writing retreats Full day writing retreats

Writing retreats offer the opportunity to retreat from the demands of academic life with others to a space that is dedicated to writing.

Writing retreats are structured and immersive -typically a retreat will run from 09:00-16:30 and involve a series of fixed slots for goal setting, writing and discussion, and lots of refreshments along the way!

'The retreat felt both sociable and studious'

'I achieved a level of focus that is difficult to achieve on my own'

'My goal was 1500 words. In the retreat I wrote 2000 words. My usual daily amount 1000 words'

Programme: Spring 2019 Programme: Spring 2019

Date Time Location
Thursday 10 January 09:00-16:30 SU Room 6
Friday 8 February 09:00-16:30 EH 0.36
Saturday 9 March 09:30-15:30 EH 1.25
Tuesday 2 April 09:00-16:30 Arts 0.31
Thursday 2 May 09:00-16:30 SU Room 1








Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Retreats are open to all postgraduate students but priority is given to research students. To book a place on a retreat please email ask.let@uea.ac.uk