Statistics Workshops Statistics Workshops

Our Statistics workshops are now delivered virtually.  You need to be enrolled on our organisation to access these.  You can enrol to our organisation by clicking here.

We can help you with:

·         Descriptive Statistics

·         T-tests and ANOVA

·         Chi-Square test 

·         Correlation and Regression

·         Non-Parametric tests and Graphs

The statistics workshops are open to all registered UEA students. No booking is required. 

The materials are available to all UEA students.

The workshops take place on Wednesdays 3-5pm virtually through Collaborate during the Spring Term of the academic year 2019-20.

Each week we have a different workshop. For more information take a look at the table below:



  Descriptive Statistics

5th Feb 2020


12th Feb 2020


26th Feb 2020

  Chi-Square test

4th Mar 2020

  Correlation and regression

18th Mar 2020

  Non parametric tests

22nd April 2020

  T-test & ANOVA and effect size

29th April 2020

  Descriptive Statistics and Graphs

6th May 2020

  Non parametric tests and effect size

13th May 2020