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Having a positive approach to revision that involves a range of active study techniques can be crucial to preparing effectively. So too is thinking about your exam technique and knowing what to do in those moments where nerves might get the better of you or your mind goes blank.



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Study resources for Revision and Exams Study resources for Revision and Exams

We have a number of resources that can help you develop creative revision strategies, improve your range of revision techniques, and help you prepare for your exams and deal with exam stress.

  • Review your own practice and see where you might improve your performance in revision and exams by using our Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Our study guides in the right hand menu offer more advice on revision and exam skills
  • View the University's official guidance and regulations relating to examinations and access past papers.  Please note that past papers may also be posted on your course or module Blackboard sites.

We also run workshops to help you develop your revision skills and exam techniques.

Improving your revision and exams skills Improving your revision and exams skills

5 QUESTIONS on revision for exams:

  1. What do I need to revise?
  2. What techniques have I successfully used before?
  3. What other techniques could I use?
  4. How can I use past papers most effectively?
  5. How much time can I dedicate to each topic?


5 QUESTIONS on improving my exam skills:

  1. How can I best use my time in the exam?
  2. What is the question asking me to do?
  3. Have I allowed sufficient time for planning and checking as well as writing?
  4. Can the examiner read and understand my answer?
  5. What will I do if my mind goes blank?

Exams and Stress Exams and Stress

It is quite natural to experience raised levels of stress during exams, and this can be beneficial in motivating and energising you. However, if your stress levels are having a negative impact on your performance, then you may wish to explore ways of addressing this.

Exams and Specific Learning Difficulties Exams and Specific Learning Difficulties

Do you have evidence (post 16) in the form of an Educational Psychologist or Specialist Teacher report, of a Specific Learning Difficulty such as Dyslexia or Dyspraxia? Don't forget, you are entitled to affix a sticker to your examination script to inform the marker that the student has a SpLD. There is more information available regarding the Sticker Scheme.

The Dyslexia Tutors can also offer advice on revision, for example, on how to approach revision.